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Make A Pumpkin Bong As An Easy and Festive Way to Celebrate Fall

Fall in Portland is one of our very favorite times of year for us at Greeley Gallery. There’s nothing like puffing a perfectly blended pre-rolled hybrid joint whilst gazing at the turning leaves in nearby Arbor Lodge Park. Hot summer days are (hopefully) behind us, because we’re ready to welcome crisp autumn mornings and kick off the start of the holiday season.

What better way to welcome Fall than by turning a pumpkin into a bong? After all, pumpkins are the unofficial symbol of autumn. Think about it. There are pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin pie, and, let’s not forget, carving pumpkins for Halloween. Why not create a pumpkin bong? It’s an easy and festive way to get stoned and celebrate the changing seasons.

What You’ll Need:

First, there are a few items you’ll need.

A pumpkin

A screwdriver or something similar

A bowl piece (optional)

A downstem (optional)

If you don’t already have your own, Greeley Gallery offers a selection of glassware, including down stems, bowl pieces, pipes, and bongs to choose from. Check them out online or in person at our north Portland cannabis dispensary near the University of Portland.

You can find pumpkins practically anywhere during autumn, as they grow in abundance in the Pacific Northwest. They also come in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and even colors, which makes them fun to choose for your task.

We recommend picking one on the smaller size, so it’s easier to handle. Though, if you can manage it, a larger pumpkin could be pretty fun! Especially if it’s used as a centerpiece and shared with friends. Just remember, the larger the pumpkin, the bigger the hit required to clear the smoke. Whereas a smaller pumpkin is like smoking from a smaller bong.

The nice thing is, there’s no need to empty the pumpkin of its contents. The guts can remain intact and provide a deliciously smooth quality to the smoke that’s not overpowering.

What to do:

Use your screwdriver or something like it and punch a hole in the pumpkin at a 45° angle, a few inches from its base. Widen the hole until your downstem fits in the opening. Remember, it’ll work best if it’s airtight, so be careful of widening the hole too much.

Before attaching the bowl piece, there are a couple of things to do. First, use the downstem as a funnel to pour some water into the base of the pumpkin. Then, punch another hole on the opposite side as the first, but this time you’ll want it a couple of inches from the pumpkin’s stem. This is the one you’ll inhale the cannabis smoke from.

If you can hear the familiar bubble of the water inside when drawing breath from the second hole, then you’re ready to attach the bowl piece to the downstem and begin! Simply pack your bowl piece with any of our high-quality cannabis flower selection and place your mouth around the smoking hole.

Ignite the cannabis in the bowl and inhale to fill the pumpkin’s interior with smoke. Then remove the bowl piece and clear the chamber before replacing it again. Repeat as needed!

If you opt to go without a downstem or bowl piece, no worries. All you do is carve out about a quarter-sized circle from the pumpkin’s surface but stay within the fleshy shell without breaking through to the center.

This will function as your bowl where you put your weed, which is why you don’t want the whole area to penetrate – otherwise, your weed will fall inside. But you want to puncture a small hole within the makeshift bowl to allow the smoke inside the pumpkin.

Final Thoughts

We’re lucky enough to experience all four seasons in Oregon, and Fall is one of our favorites. Plus, pumpkins are everywhere. Pick one up at any grocery store this season or make a day of it and check out the pumpkin patch on Sauvies Island.

You can smoke out of your pumpkin bong while munching on some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and drinking your pumpkin spice latte. Maybe you can carve jack-o-lantern, too, while you’re at it! Regardless, stop in and let us know how it goes. We’re open seven days a week from 7 am to 10 pm.

Written By:

Katrina Paulson

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