We offer many services at Greeley Gallery to help those looking for recreational marijuana products as well as medical marijuana users looking for high quality and unique cannabis products.

Choose from our large selection of unique glass pipes and paraphernalia. All of our pipes are made of high quality glass, and we have plenty of unique designs to choose from for that fun and personalized look.

Greeley Gallery can also help you acquire your medical marijuana card. Navigating all of the forms and paperwork can be a confusing process. Talk with our knowledgeable staff to find out the best path to get your very own medical marijuana card and start enjoying the benefits.

We also offer our in-depth information about our unique in-house strains that are available only through Greeley Gallery. Our informed Budtenders are here to make sure you select the right strain of cannabis for your needs and tastes. We will be happy to guide you through the process if you’re new to it.

Visit Greeley Gallery today to see how we can help you out with your recreational marijuana and medical marijuana needs.

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Our menu of flowers, concentrates, edibles, drinks, and other cannabis products changes frequently.  See what’s available now by checking out our menu.