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Best Gifts for Cannabis Lovers

Tis the season for giving! A time to bring joy to others through meaningful presents. Though, sometimes, trying to think of the perfect gift for someone is anything but easy. Besides, don’t we all have enough stuff? Gifting experiences is always a good option, but then again, with the pandemic still around, experiences are limited.

Enter cannabis. Whether you’re a consumer or not, any cannabis lover will appreciate several items at Greeley Gallery’s cannabis dispensary in North Portland. We’re a one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs, and our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist or answer any questions you have. There are no dumb questions here. We’ll even start you off with ideas!


Edibles are always a safe bet when it comes to cannabis gifts. There is such a wide variety to choose from. You really can’t go wrong. Here at Greeley Gallery, we have everything from delicious Leif + Goods – Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bars that are affordable and make perfect stocking stuffers.

Chocolate is a classic gift during the holidays, and another is caramels. Greeley Gallery has an assortment of gummies, hard candies, Majik cookies, and even cannabis-infused beverages. No matter taste or tolerance, we have something for everyone.


While edibles are an easy go-to gift, dried cannabis flower is a little trickier, mainly because the flower you’d buy depends on the user’s preference. This can be hard to choose unless you already know what they like. However, marijuana glassware is always appreciated by any cannabis lover. We have an assortment to choose from here at our cannabis dispensary for every price range.

Take a look at our colorful pocket pipes, perfect for anyone on the go for $10 or less. For avid cannabis consumers, we also offer a variety of glass bongs in every color and ranging in size for between $20 and $60. And for that rare collector, we have a few select magnificent bongs that are also works of art and functional.


Greeley Gallery’s cannabis dispensary offers both recreational and medicinal marijuana. We know some cannabis consumers search for pain relief instead of the psychoactive experiences produced by THC. This is why we are careful to select only the highest quality medicinal cannabis product for our customers.

Any athlete in your life will love Dragon’s Blend Balm while recovering from any strenuous activities. It will help anyone with tired feet, arthritis, muscle tension, joint pain, and even nerve pain. The best part? You’ll recognize every ingredient—no hard-to-pronounce chemicals. Of course, Dragon’s Blend Balm is just one option. Greeley Gallery also offers CBD-infused tinctures and lotions.

Final Thoughts

One of the many reasons we love cannabis is because of how versatile it is. There’s something for everyone, from chocolates and gummies to bongs and balms. Greeley Gallery has what you need for this holiday season. We already have a bunch of stuff, and gifting experiences is challenging during a pandemic.

Then again, marijuana is an experience in itself. In a way, cannabis is both something to unwrap and experience. Share the edibles and spend the day having ridiculous conversations or go on an adventure! So stop by and take care of your holiday shopping all in one place.

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