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How to Choose the Right Cannabis Product for You

Whether you’re new to cannabis or have been a consumer for a while, the sheer variety of cannabis products can be a little overwhelming. From dried cannabis flower and edibles to beverages and tinctures, there are cannabis options for everyone. How do you know which is the right choice for you?

Here at Greeley Gallery, your experience is a priority for us, which is why we not only provide only the highest quality and locally made cannabis products, but our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions you may have. So allow us to provide you with some information to better assist your decision.

What’s Your Goal?

Before you choose which route to take, it’s good to have a destination in mind. The same is true when selecting which cannabis products to buy. Are you hoping for a better night’s sleep? Perhaps you’d like a boost of creativity or energy, or maybe you just want to enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis without the high associated with it.

Whatever the reason, there is a cannabis option for what you. But some may conflict with your goals. For instance, if you want to relax at the end of a long day, consuming a Sativa cannabis strain may stimulate you. Vis versa, if you’re hoping for a more energetic workout, selecting an Indica strain may leave you unmotivated to put on your shoes.

This is why knowing what you want for from the experience is the most helpful guide when choosing which consumption method or strain to try. Additionally, having a time frame in mind is also a good idea. Some consumption methods take longer before you feel their effects than others. Likewise, the effects you feel may last considerably longer with some products than with others.

Now that you have a goal in mind let’s take a brief look at your options. All of which, we must add, are available at our north Portland cannabis dispensary around the corner from Arbor Lodge Park.

Dried Cannabis Flower

Well, begin with the classic and most well-known cannabis consumption options. Smoking dried cannabis flower is how most consumers choose to experience cannabis, and for a good reason. Smoking cannabis has a quick response time of 15 to 20 minutes, allowing you more control.

Smoking cannabis comes with its own selection of consumption methods, including joints, pipes, and bongs – though the process is the same. After igniting the flower with a flame, inhale the smoke and hold it in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. Coughing is normal as inhaling any type of smoke irritates your lungs, so don’t be alarmed. If anything, many people report that coughing results in a more potent high.

You can expect the effects to last between twenty minutes and an hour, depending on your tolerance level and the quantity and potency of the marijuana you consume. We recommend beginning with inhaling once or twice and waiting to feel its effects before consuming more. Let our staff know what your goals are and they’ll be happy to assist you on choosing the proper strain.


The second most popular cannabis consumption method is edibles. They come in an array of delicious premade options and plenty of ways to customize them or even make your own. There’s no smoke or skunky smell involved with edibles like there is with dried flower. Edibles are like the cocktails of the cannabis world – they taste good but can be challenging to know exactly how much you’re consuming. So be sure to pay attention to dosing instructions.

Edibles are pretty self-explanatory in that you eat them. To create edibles, cannabis goes through a decarboxylation process, which involves heating the cannabis to activate the plant compounds responsible for your experience. On the flip side, cannabis-infused beverages are also within the edible domain and a popular summertime option.

If you haven’t tried them before, we caution you to read the dosing label before you consume them because edibles are often stronger and can produce more intense effects than smoking. If you haven’t tried them before, you might want to begin with 2.5 mg though 5mg is common too. Remember, edibles are processed by your digestive tract, so it may take two hours or longer before you feel the results.

This also means when you feel its effects, your experience will last longer too – often between 4 and 6 hours. This is a good thing to keep in mind before consuming more. We recommend waiting at least an hour. Otherwise, you may become higher than intended. When taken responsibly, edibles are fantastic for anyone who doesn’t enjoy smoking or wants a long-lasting experience. Especially when it comes to pain relief.


Plenty of people are drawn to cannabis not for its psychoactive effects but for its healing properties. Adding tinctures to your daily supplements is a fantastic way to gain all the medicinal benefits of cannabis without any fuss. Of course, there are also options for when you want to get high.

We believe that cannabis tinctures are the most underrated consumption method on the market. They contain concentrated cannabis oil and are often combined with other beneficial essential oils to boost your health. They come in small glass bottles with a dropper attached to the lid, making tinctures discrete and easy to dose without irritating your lungs or increasing your calorie intake.

The activation time largely depends on your dosage and metabolism. Since tinctures are consumed orally like edibles, they can take up to two to kick in. So if your goal is to feel high, you may want to choose this method on a day you don’t have anything planned.

Final Thoughts

Choosing which cannabis products to buy primarily depends on what you hope to get from the experience. Edibles last longer and may take a couple of hours to kick in, which might be perfect for a hike in Forest Park or even a day doing yard work. While smoking allows for almost immediate results, which is ideal for a workout or creative activity.

Greeley Gallery’s got you covered no matter your goal or preference. We have personal relationships with all our suppliers, so you can trust that any product you choose will be of the highest quality. And as always, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available seven days a week from 7am to 10pm if you have any questions.

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