How Dabs Are Made

As you exhale those tasty terpenes from your last dab or vape pen, do you ever wonder; How did some genius turn a green plant into a beautiful golden oil?…

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Important Facts About Hemp Seeds!
Bowl with hemp seeds and scoops on sackcloth

Important Facts About Hemp Seeds!

It's so lovely that we have the opportunity to be able to purchase these super seeds! hemp seeds or also known as hemp hearts because hemp seeds have so many…

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Please Stay Safe!

These days you can never be to careful, the circumstances around Coronavirus. We here at the Greeley Gallery take these precautions seriously and because of that we are constantly keeping…

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Hemp And Bees

How can hemp help save the bees? Can it help save the world? Let’s start with the bees! In 2017, Time reported that more than 700 species of bees in…

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Cannabinoids 101: What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis. Cannabinoids are partly responsible for the wide array of medicinal and psychoactive effects cannabis may provide. Currently there are over 110…

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