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What’s the Difference Between a Mind High and Body High from Cannabis?

One of the many things cannabis is known for is the psychoactive high created by the compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If you’ve had much experience with marijuana, then you know that not all highs are created equal, and the outcome largely depends on the cannabis strain you consume. Sometimes you’ll feel the effects within your body, and other times in your head, but whether the experience is good or bad depends on your expectations.

Our customer’s experience is essential to us here at Greeley Gallery, which is why we ensure to provide only the highest quality local cannabis products in Oregon. But without knowledge and safe practice, even the best cannabis can result in a negative experience. So we decided to write this post for anyone who wants to learn how to choose the right cannabis products, for an enjoyable experience.

What Does a Head High Feel Like?

Head highs, as the name indicates, are felt in your head and affect your perception. Sativa-based strains often bring about a boost of energy or creativity. Cannabis mind highs enhance your ability to connect with others. Sort of like how you feel more sociable after having a drink at the bar. They’re also great at keeping you feeling motivated during your workout.

Additionally, you may find yourself curious about questions you’ve never thought of before. Such as whether “sand” is called sand because it’s between the sea and land. Dozens of artists use cannabis to stimulate their creativity and allow them to view the most mundane things in a new light. Head highs from cannabis are sure to inspire you whether you enjoy singing, writing, painting, or any other creative outlet.

However, given the stimulating effects of head highs, you may want to stay clear of Sativa strains if your goal is a better night’s sleep or to decrease your anxiety. Otherwise, you may find yourself lying awake and staring at the ceiling, thinking about an argument you had five years ago and what you should have said.

Best Products for Head Highs

If creativity and stimulation are your goals, then you’ll want to choose a cannabis product with Sativa. This could be the uplifting Fruit Punch or the energizing Where’s My Bike strains of dried cannabis flower. Greeley Gallery also has various edible and beverage options if you prefer a non-smoking method. You can find all options online or at our north Portland cannabis dispensary near Arbor Lodge Park.

What Does a Body High Feel Like?

Like the head high, “body high” is also pretty self-explanatory. It’s when the effects of cannabis are felt physically throughout your body. Most Indica strains produce body highs, often resulting in your muscles relaxing and a calmer heart rate. Common effects of body highs are heightened physical sensations such as touch and sometimes you may be a bit more clumsy.

People who suffer from chronic pain or are nursing an injury may find relief in the relaxing impact of an Indica body high. Relaxing from a cannabis body high is excellent for anyone combating high anxiety levels as it helps lower your heart rate. For similar reasons, you’ll find sleeping easier at night when consumed before bed.

If, however, you have a busy schedule ahead or an active day planned, then Indica body highs probably won’t provide the results you want. It doesn’t require much to feel the effects, so allow yourself some time to feel the effects before consuming more. Otherwise, you may unintentionally become too comfortable to move and spend the day binging Netflix on the couch.

Best Products for Body Highs

Whether you’re stressed, battling anxiety, or simply want to relax at the end of your day with a euphoric body high, Greeley Gallery has the Indica product for you. Our Gelato Cake dried flower is the perfect dessert before bed, and Blueberry Muffins #4 might be just what you need to binge the latest season of your favorite show. Of course, we also provide various delicious edible options, from WYLD gummies and adorable yet powerful Drops and wonderful Leif + Good’s chocolate bars. Just take your pick!


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