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Best Cannabis Strains to Watch Horror Movies

October is the only month of the year that celebrates all things terrifying. There are nightmare-inducing haunted houses, scary costumes, and, of course, which – or should we say, witch – horror movies to watch first. Because when it comes to horror movies, there are a plethora of genres and levels of scary to choose from.

We at Greeley Gallery suggest you list your favorites and watch them all this month leading up to Halloween. We’ll even suggest the perfect cannabis strain to pair with your movies. After all, the effects of cannabis can draw you into a film and make you forget you’re sitting on the couch. You may even forget about the bowl of candy for tricker or treaters sitting on your lap.

Don’t Run Upstairs! – Sativa

Scary movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer or the Scream franchise are the type to get your blood pumping and have you sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation. These movies often have lots of scenes making you jump unexpectedly and yell at the screen when the characters do something ridiculous like run upstairs where there’s no escape.

Sativa strains are fantastic to consume while watching these types of movies because they’re more stimulating. Sativa is known for boosting creativity and create positive feelings, making sativa strains a tremendous addition to your movie night.

Become Engrossed with the Story – Hybrid

Not all scary movies require killers stalking their prey or over-privileged college kids. Some, like Silence of the Lambs, American Psycho, Se7en, or the Conjuring, require you to pay attention to the plot. These films are scary because they suck you into the story, plot twists, dark psychology, and twisted alternate realities.

We recommend Hybrids as the perfect for these sorts of scary movies. The indica portion allows you to melt into the couch while the sativa keeps you engrossed as the story unravels. If you choose this option, let our staff know – they can help you find the best ratio for your experience.

Trying to Sleep After – Indica

Some scary movies are terrifying – like, you might have trouble sleeping frightening. The Conjuring might be an example, or perhaps the Ring or Paranormal Activity. These films involve hauntings or are based on true stories that linger in our subconscious and creep into our dreams.

This is why we recommend a potent indica for these horror movies. Not only will they keep you glued to your couch while watching it, but they will help you fall asleep instead of wondering about the history of your house before you moved in.

Final Thoughts

There’s something oddly satisfying about being scared when you know you’re safe, and horror movies are a fantastic way to satisfy the itch. Halloween, and October in general, is the best time to peek into the darker side of life from a safe distance, and cannabis is the perfect way to amplify your experience. Just visit our online store or stop by our cannabis dispensary in north Portland, located around the corner from Arbor Lodge Park.

However, please dose responsibly. In large doses, cannabis can have adverse effects, including increased paranoia and anxiety. If you’re prone to these effects, we recommend watching the movies without adding cannabis. Feel free to ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff if you have any questions, or for a recommendation and have fun!

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Katrina Paulson

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