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Which Cannabis Strains are Best for Anxiety?

There are as many reasons to consume cannabis as there are stars in the sky, but there’s one reason in particular that we hear about the most – Anxiety. If you’ve been increasingly anxious lately, you’re not alone. Things are weird right now in the world, and we’re all exhausted from bad news. No wonder more of us are looking at cannabis to calm our nerves.

In addition to pain management, it’s long been known that consuming cannabis can ease anxiety. Though you may have also heard that marijuana can cause anxiety too, which may lead to some confusion. So we at Greeley Gallery thought it might be helpful if we explained what you want to look for in a cannabis product if your goal is to decrease your anxiety levels.

A Bit About Anxiety

Like all emotions, anxiety has a purpose. Its job is to keep us alert, motivate us to prepare for the future, and ensure we don’t become too lazy. But sometimes, anxiety doesn’t stay in its lane. Instead, it chooses to become a dominant voice in our heads and can disrupt our days and ability to sleep.

The way our modern life is designed bombards us with information 24/7, and for many, anxiety is in overdrive. Did you know nearly 20 percent, or over 40 million adults, have an anxiety disorder in the United States?

The Anxiety symptoms tend to present similarly in everyone. However, the reason someone feels anxious is entirely subjective. What makes you anxious may not have the same effect on someone else and vis versa. Similarly, cannabis has a reputation for easing anxiety, but it’s also known to create it. The good news is, by the end of this article, you’ll be better equipped to choose a cannabis product to ease your anxiety rather than inflame it.

CBD vs. THC for Anxiety

There are a few ways you can go about choosing a cannabis product for combating your anxiety. Cannabidiol (CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), or a hybrid can all lower anxiety – but this doesn’t mean just any cannabis product will work.

Let’s begin with the most sure-fire method to squash your anxiety—CBD. Infamous for its countless remarkable health benefits, of which decreased anxiety is just one. CBD doesn’t have the psychoactive effects that THC has, which is excellent for anyone wanting the medicinal benefits without becoming high. This also means you can consume as much as you want without risking an adverse reaction.

The more complicated method involves THC, mainly because it requires further dividing it into two categories – Indica and Sativa. It’s here the conflicting reports come in. See, the reason some people report feeling more anxious rather than less is likely due to whether they consumed a Sativa or an Indica.

Generally, cannabis Sativa is known to produce a mind-high while Indicas present as a body high. Sativas also typically have more stimulating effects, such as a boost of energy and creativity, whereas Indicas are infamous for invoking deep physical relaxation. Consuming too much of either can further enhance their effects.

This means consuming too much Sativa may increase its stimulating effects, which stirs anxiety. However, consume more indica, and you may find it challenging to keep your eyes open because it boosts your physical relaxation and lowers your heart rate. This explains why some people report adverse anxious effects while others endorse its ability to reduce anxiety.

Final Thoughts

We at Greely Gallery can vouch for the calming effects of both options. Though, if we’re completely honest, we recommend using a bit of both. Since indica has such strong relaxation effects, we suggest consuming it before bed or on days when you have nothing important planned. Meanwhile, CBD products are fantastic for easing anxious nerves any time, day or night, without the physical weight of deep relaxation, making even the most mundane tasks feel laborious.

Additionally, some hybrid products or stains work well. Especially ones that are CBD dominate and indica leaning THC. Being a recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary, we strive to provide our customers only with the highest quality cannabis products. We have several cannabis options to decrease anxiety levels online and at our north Portland dispensary near the University of Portland.

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