3 Awesome Things to Do While High on Indica Cannabis

Something about the winter makes us want to just curl up in a soft blanket with a good book… or Netflix show. The idea of going outside isn’t exactly appealing, considering how much rain we’ve gotten in Portland, Oregon, this year. However, winter is the best season (in our opinion) to partake in some indica relaxation. This is why we’re going to share our top three favorite things to do during an indica cannabis high.

Take a Bath

When it’s cold and wet outside, a warm bath is luxurious. Showers are great too, but they also tend to waste more water, especially when you’re taking one for relaxation. Besides, if you prefer smoking marijuana to eating it, it’s much easier to do so in a bath than shower.

Indica strains like Chem Cookies help boost body awareness, so you’re extra aware as your muscles melt into the warmth. Take a book or magazine with you for added relaxation, or simply lay back and allow your mind to wander – just make sure not to fall asleep! Toss in a fun bath bomb or make it a bubble bath if you really want to go all out!

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Sometimes weed can bring out the nostalgia in us. Lay back and look at the photos on your phone. You might be surprised at the rush of memory you experience. It’s a great way to remember some of your best memories over the last few years. It might even help restore a sense of time during this crazy time-warp of the 2020s so far – after all, we’re having a hard time believing it’s 2022 already! You can even free up some space on your phone by deleting any photos you don’t need anymore.

Listen to Music

Is there anything better than listening to music while high? It just sounds better. Music connects with us in mysterious ways, but we don’t need to understand our connection to it to benefit from it. It doesn’t matter what style of music, either. Whatever sounds good to you is a great choice. Get lost in the beat or absorb the lyrics of your favorite songs. You really can’t go wrong.

Final Thoughts

Indica cannabis strains are fantastic at helping us relax and go deeper within ourselves. It’s easy to become the clichéd couch potato and fall into a pattern of Netflixing for relaxation, but there’s a reason we left television off our list. There are other activities you can enjoy while high on indica that contribute to rest and relaxation in a way that you may find boosts your mental health and wellness, too.

Pro tip: combine all three options if you really want to go all-in! Listen to your favorite songs while taking a trip down memory lane in a bubble bath!

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