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5 Ways Celebrate Labor Day with Weed

Labor Day is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a day to celebrate your economic and social achievements – the American worker. It came about in the late 1880s when labor activists fought for recognition of their contributions toward America’s prosperity, strength, and well-being.

But there’s a special reason Oregonians should celebrate Labor Day. Back in 1887, we were the first State in the country to pass a law recognizing Labor Day. Then in 1894, Congress made it a federal holiday and assigned it to the first Monday of September. Americans have enjoyed the three-day weekend ever since. So this year, why not celebrate all your hard work by having a little fun with cannabis?

Throw a Themed Potluck

Potlucks are a perfect social event because countless ways to customize them exist. You could have an American theme for Labor Day, where friends bring dishes representing what they view as an “all American” dish.

Consuming cannabis just before chowing down will elevate your experience regardless of which theme you choose. Not only will it stimulate your appetite, but cannabis is known for making flavor explode in our mouths.

We do caution, however, against throwing an edible-themed potluck. Edibles are challenging to dose correctly, especially when homemade. Consuming too much may lead to a negative experience.

Attend a Labor Day Event in Portland

Get stoned and have an adventure by attending one of the Labor Day events around the city! Travel Portland has a whole list of activities happening over Labor Day weekend to choose from if you need an idea.

The Portland International Raceway is only two and a half miles from our north Portland cannabis dispensary, Greeley Gallery. Stop in for high-quality cannabis on your way to watch the Grand Prix , an open-wheel race, and the only Verizon Indycar Series Race in the Pacific Northwest.

Across town at The Redd on Salmon in Southeast, you can wander the Come Thru Market. An outdoor market featuring fresh produce, tasty treats, and locally made items by Black and Indigenous Farmers and Makers. It is fun to explore and learn, and the market also supports new farmers of color in Portland by offering training programs.

Go Shopping

One of the best things about Labor Day is the sales. Now is a great time to get that new appliance or gadget you’ve been eyeing. Retailers slash prices in hopes of luring customers on their days off.

Shopping is a lot of fun when you’re high. You could become inspired by a new style after trying different looks. Wander an art store for a creative boost and stock up on DIY projects. Put in some earbuds and play your favorite song while wandering the store to further heighten your experience.

Play a Game

There are a few ways to go about this option, all of which are great. For instance, you could get stoned with friends and play old-fashioned board games like Sorry or Clue, remember those? Similarly, you can stop by Greeley Gallery for a pre-rolled joint with an excellent Sativa strain on your way to Arbor Lodge Park just around the corner, where you and your friends can play soccer or kickball or even toss a frisbee!

Though, you could go another direction. Like drinking games, you and your friends could partake in a weed game, also known as “stoner challenges.” May of which is a play on drinking games by substituting alcohol for cannabis.

One of which is Bong Pong, a cannabis version of Beer Pong. You use water instead of beer, and when you make a shot, you can either take a hit of weed yourself or force your opponent to instead. The best part is, you can do this with pretty much any drinking game or turn regular games such as rock, paper, scissors into weed games.

Make Cannabis S’mores

S’mores are a classic and straightforward three-ingredient American treat. All you need are some graham crackers, marshmallows, and delicious chocolate. Roast the marshmallow over a fire, then sandwich it between two graham cracker halves with a piece of chocolate. The marshmallow will melt the chocolate, and with the graham crackers, you’ll have a crunchy, sticky, sweet dessert.

Simply transform regular s’mores into cannabis s’mores by replacing regular chocolate with a delicious cannabis-infused chocolate bar from Greeley Gallery. Enjoy your treat while swapping stories and welcome the cooling temperatures of Fall while sitting around the fire.

Final Thoughts

Some say we spend a third of our lives working, which is all the more reason to celebrate Labor Day. It’s the one day a year you should put work out of your mind and focus instead on yourself and what you want to do.

Play at the park, spend time with friends, get out and explore, and have a new experience. Your options are endless. Tell your plans to any of our friendly and knowledgeable staff at our recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary, Greeley Gallery. They’ll help you choose the perfect cannabis product to elevate it.

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