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What Kind of Cannabis Is Best for Introverts?

Extroverts and introverts are two ends of a sliding scale of social comfort. Some people thrive while surrounded by others. They enjoy social events, group dinners, and seem to never run out of energy. These people are what you’d call extroverts, and there’s plenty of cannabis options perfect for their social butterfly tendencies (which we discussed here). But what about introverts?

You know you’re an introvert when the stay-at-home order at the beginning of the pandemic didn’t faze you. Home is your happy place and natural habitat. Introverts are known to draw energy and recharge while spending time alone. If you belong to this group, you probably prefer spending your time focusing on your feelings and thoughts rather than exert energy socializing with others. So what kind of cannabis is best for introverts?

Indica or Sativa for Introverts?

Both indica and sativa can be great for introverts. It’s less about either/or, and more about what you, as an introvert, want from the experience.

Indica is known for its relaxing properties, which can be great if you’re looking to highlight your introverted tendencies. The body high associated with indica strains are perfect for settling in on the couch or your bed and disappearing into a good book or movie. It’s the ultimate recharge for introverts.

On the other hand, sometimes introverts need a little help coming out of their shells. Before marijuana was legalized, the idea of having a drink to take the edge off social situations was common—and still is—but sativa cannabis strains can cause a similar effect. Since sativa is known for creating a mind-high and boost energy, it’s a great option to help ease you into more social situations.

Okay, But Which Strains Are the Best?

Great, so now you know both indica and sativa cannabis strains can be exactly what the introvert ordered. But which strains should you try? After all, different strains inspire different reactions. Sometimes cannabis increases anxiety levels or feelings of paranoia, which might be the exact opposite reactions you were hoping for.

Top Shelf 501 ST OG

Top shelf 501 ST OG is a safe option to start with if you’re looking to calm your anxiety. As an indica, you know your body will relax, and since it tends to inspire mellow and relaxing feelings, you can expect to feel like you’re floating on a cloud of chill. Its 26.31% THC isn’t bad either.

CBD Frank’s Cookies

This one is a house favorite when you want to get just high enough to take the edge of. Though its name only mentioned CBD Frank’s Cookies actually has more of a 1:1 ratio with 7.82% CBD and 7.66% THC. This is a great option if you’re still learning your cannabis tolerance, or if you’re looking for something lighter with a mellow feeling.

Blackberry Fire

Perhaps you’ve retreated into your shell for long enough and now that the pandemic is calming and summer has arrived, you’re ready to poke your head out. If you’re anything like some of the introverts we know, then you might prefer to have a little boost of confidence. If so, then Blackberry Fire (22% THC) might be the perfect choice for you.

It’s a hybrid so you can expect the best of both indica and sativa, but it leans a little further toward sativa, which provides you with just the push you need to come out of your cave.

Final Thoughts

Those are our top three favorite strains for introverts but there are more! Just stop into Greeley Gallery’s medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensary and any of our staff would be happy to find the best strain for you.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality cannabis to meet your needs. Being an introvert can be hard while the world finds a new normal, but Greeley Gallery’s got your back.

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