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Edibles are Perfect for Staying in Doors During Oregon Winters

January is here, and it’s clear that winter has arrived. Smoking cannabis becomes less appealing when it’s cold, wet, and cloudy outside. You also don’t want to open any windows to smoke inside for the same reasons. So, what’s a cannabis user to do?

Fear not! At Greeley Gallery’s North Portland cannabis dispensary, we recommend edibles as an excellent solution for enjoying marijuana without braving the outdoors. With a variety to choose from, there’s no reason to leave your house until spring. We’ll even deliver them to your door! All you have to do is decide which ones to choose. It’s up to you, but here are our recommendations.

Golden Leaf Fruit Chews

We can’t recommend Golden Leaf enough. Their products are always of the highest quality, which is why you’ll always find them in stock at Greeley Gallery near Arbor Lodge Park. We have plenty of flavors to choose from too. You might have a hard time choosing, but the good news is, there’s no wrong choice.

Although, one of Greeley Gallery’s owners, Damian, recommends Golden Leaf 1:1 lemon and Ginger option. He loves them because they’re “so yummy and healthy.” Hard to argue with that. Not only are they delicious, but the one-to-one THC and CBD offer a relaxing body and mild head high, perfect for Netflix and Chill. The best part is, they’ll be on sale for all of January!

Grace Notes Milk Chocolate Bar

The holidays may have ended, but chocolate never goes out of season. Greeley Gallery has only the best chocolate edibles. Still, our favorite is Grace Notes’ vegan Sea Salt and English Toffee dark chocolate bar. Sure, they’re delicious on their own, but have you ever plunked a couple of squares into a steaming cup of hot cocoa? We highly recommend it. The best part is, they’re on sale!


The only downside to edibles is the activation time. If you spontaneously decide to get high and watch a movie – because who doesn’t love that? – you wouldn’t feel any effects until the movie was almost over.

Thankfully, another indoor method for cannabis is vaping, which offers the same benefits as smoking without the smoke. In fact, Greeley Gallery is one of the last dispensaries in Portland with Drop Science 1-gram cartridges!

Final Thoughts

Living in Oregon means wet and gloomy winters, but thankfully, there’s cannabis for every season. Edibles are a fantastic option when all you want to do is stay home, curl up in comfy clothes, and indulge in some serious relaxation. After all, it’s January. Isn’t this the time to relax and reflect?

Greeley Gallery aims to make your life easier. The last thing anyone wants to do when the weather is bad is to go outside, so we’ll do it for you! Just order online, and our friendly staff will bring it to your door.

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