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3 Steps to Making Thanksgiving Better with Cannabis When Your Family Doesn’t Partake

Greeley Gallery loves the holidays. We’ll take any chance to celebrate! Next is Thanksgiving, and we don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to mind upon thinking of Thanksgiving is food—lots and lots of delicious food. Turkey and ham, green bean casseroles, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, the only thing that could possibly make it any better is cannabis.

Marijuana does more than just make the already delicious food better; it makes everything better, from conversations with family, to arts and crafts. Though, we know not all families enjoy consuming cannabis. This is why Greeley Gallery came up with these simple 3-step instructions to enjoy this Thanksgiving with marijuana, even if your family doesn’t want to join in.

Step One: Handprint Turkey

Being creative while high is incredible, it’s a great way to let go and allow your inner child out. And what better way to celebrate than making a super cheesy but adorable handprint turkey?

First, share a joint with any (adult) family members who want to partake. Perhaps some Tangelo Sativa from Greeley Gallery – or if you don’t get along with your family, as some people don’t, then sneak away and smoke it alone. When you’re done, gather the paper, paint, and any decorations you wish to make your turkey. Don’t forget your hand!

To make your turkey:

  1. Take the paint and cover the palm of your hand, including your fingers. Bonus: the feeling is awesome while you’re stoned.
  2. Once your palm is covered, spread your fingers, and make a handprint on the paper.
  3. Go wash your hands while the paint dries.

Your thumb is the head of the turkey, and the rest of your fingers are the feather tail. For the last step, decorate to your heart’s content. By the time you’re finished, munchies should be in full effect. The perfect time for dinner!

Step Two: Dessert

The joint you’re enjoyed while making your handprint turkey should have also given you the munchies for dinner. As if Thanksgiving dinner wasn’t good enough, you know how good food tastes while high.

But afterward, pumpkin pie doesn’t need to be your only dessert after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy a Leif + Goods – Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar, a 1:1 organic dark milk chocolate with infused coffee and topped with crumbled biscotti. The perfect top off to the perfect dinner, except for the blissful food-coma afterward.

Step Three:

Infusing Thanksgiving dinner with cannabis is fantastic, but sometimes it’s not for everyone. Your in-laws may not be thrilled to discover THC in their gravy. Fear not, because one of the absolute best things about Thanksgiving dinner is the leftovers—and there are plenty of ways to infuse them.

The easiest, is to add a bit of cannabis oil concentrate to whatever you’re eating after warming it up. However, if you’re feeling a little more creative, you can decarb your weed and either make canna-butter to use with your mashed potatoes or sprinkle it on top of your turkey. Just be aware of the dosage and don’t overdo it. Safety first!

Final Thoughts

Greeley Gallery’s North Portland cannabis dispensary has an assortment of high-quality cannabis products to choose from at reasonable prices. Don’t forget, we also deliver to our neighbors in the ADA community. Marijuana is a fantastic way to enjoy Thanksgiving. A holiday centered around food and gratitude? It’s arguably the best holiday to be high for. It’s okay that a cannabis-infused dish isn’t for everyone. There are plenty of ways to enjoy both the holiday and marijuana together anyway.

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