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How to Have Great Sex While High

Indulgences tend to pair well, so we shouldn’t have been surprised by the recent study confirming what proponents of mixing marijuana and sex have long claimed: that smoking weed can enhance your sex life. Now that rigorous scientific data supports the idea that high sex is empirically smoking, how do you have great sex while high?

First off, we have to credit Dr. Michael Eisenberg, an assistant professor of urology at Stanford University. Eisenberg sees a lot of different patients for a lot of different reasons, but a common reason for a trip to his office revolves around problems pertaining to the bedroom. So common, in fact, that he decided to take a more clinical look into things. He gathered data from the U.S. government’s National Survey of Family Growth and analyzed information comparing how often individuals had sex with how often they partook in other activities. To his surprise, he found that the more people smoked cannabis, the more success they had in the bedroom.

A previous survey conducted by Psychology Today found that cannabis does indeed act as an aphrodisiac among users – a finding that’s been supported by supplemental studies since.

That said, the majority of folks who like smoking, who like sex, seem to enjoy bringing the two together. Smoking or eating before sex can increase sensitivity and help deliver more intense orgasms. Plus, smoking often helps with removing any anxiety, a major contributor to erectile dysfunction. Side-stepping that symptom brings you one step closer to a long lasting night of tossing and turning. Say, I think that is something to strive for.

Still, there are some things the casual marijuana user should know before having sex with a high. Here’s what to know.

Pick the Right Strain for Stoned Sex

Certain strains are more likely to cater to sex than others. Some tend to put you in a more cerebral mood; others are designed to enhance physical sensations. Figure out which one primes you for sex – this may not happen over night, and users typically gravitate toward sativa products, because they can help increase sensitivity, lift mood, and intensify orgasms. Everyone responds differently to different cannabinoids, so what works for one person may not work for another; don’t feel pressured to smoke the same as your partner. Do what feels best for you.

Don’t Experiment With Weed The Night Of

It’s important to get acquainted with your high before jumping into sex. Try experimenting with different doses and different strains days before to get a real feel for the right one. Even keeping a weed journal is excellent so that you and your spouse can reference how different strains made you feel.

Use (Lots Of) Lube

“Cotton Mouth” refers to the feeling of dryness that cannabis can make you feel. That’s because THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, can actually block the glands in your mouth that produce saliva, Of course that symptom can be remedied with a tall glass of ice water. But smoking can also cause other areas to dry up, and that doesn’t cater to good sex. “Cotton vagina,” as it turns out, is also very much a real thing. Fortunately for all of us, there is a lot of lube on the market, so make sure you have one handy.

Be Careful with Edibles

Edibles are a fun way to get high. They taste excellent, and they allow you to dodge the risk of coughing up a storm. Plus, they take the smoke and the smell out of the equation, which can be a perk if you have kiddos around the corner. But they do come with their own set of drawbacks. It’s harder to measure the amount of THC when you choose to eat edibles. They also take awhile to kick in.

Don’t Get Too High for High Sex

Less is more when you want to enhance the moment. You don’t want too consume much, because it takes you out of the mood. Remember, getting high is a gradual process. If you rush the process, you may end up getting more stoned than you want, so start small and go slow.

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