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How to Become Inspired for the New Year with Cannabis

We aren’t sure how it happened, but 2022 is here. Maybe it’s just us here at Greeley Gallery in North Portland that feels like the last two years have been a bit of a time warp. Still, life has been busy, and all of us have grown throughout the challenges we’ve faced. Therefore, we thought that this year would be an excellent time to take a moment to check in with ourselves, reflect on the last year, and set new goals for this one.

What better way is there to get started than consuming the highest quality cannabis products of your choice from Greeley Gallery? Science continues to find beneficial links between marijuana and a boost of creativity and inspiration, precisely the mood to be in when planning for the future. So, light a candle, turn your phone on Do Not Disturb, and grab your favorite notebook to get started.

Write A List of Accomplishments

Twelve months seems like a long time, but it can go by quickly. Often by the time New Year’s comes, the previous year feels like a blur, though we usually accomplished more than we may think we did.

It’s important to remember and celebrate our accomplishments. In fact, we believe you deserve to treat yourself to one of the several delicious Majik Cookies while you do it. Find a quiet corner to reflect on your achievements. The Majik cookies may just be the boost you need to allow you to revel in pride.

In fact, why keep your list – as long or as short as it is – to paper when you could have a whole craft day around it? Paint your achievements on posterboard, use glue and glitter and lots of colors, and frame it on your wall as a reminder.

Make a Memory Jar

If you can’t remember everything that happened last year, ensure you won’t forget your most significant moments this year. Choose any container you want; it can be a jar, a box, or even an envelope. Then smoke some uplifting Blue Dream cannabis flower and decorate your memory jar to your heart’s content.

Any time something amazing happens over the next twelve months, write it down and stick it in your memory jar. We also recommend finding a notepad you like to keep nearby, so you’re never left hunting for paper.

This way, this time next year, you can read about all of the wonderful things you experienced while enjoying a scrumptious Periodic Caramel. It’s easy to remember the bad things that have happened to us, which is why recording the good ones are that much more important, don’t you think?

Assign a Word for the Year

Sometimes, intention makes all the difference when it comes to experiences. Choosing a word for the year to come is a way to set your expectations and begin on the right foot. A word is easier to remember than a list of goals or inspirational quotes. Perhaps there’s a goal you wish to achieve or a habit you want to break. Just remind yourself of your chosen word before making decisions to stay on track throughout the year.

Anyone can want a six-figure salary or a mansion, but we encourage you to think deeper. Maybe you want to work on your vulnerability, health, or to laugh more. Could you work on forgiveness, acceptance, or compassion?

Consuming cannabis can help you narrow in and get in touch with what really matters to you. Indulge in a Leif + Goods – Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar or simulate your creativity with Blackberry Fire cannabis flower while reflecting on what matters most to you.

Final Thoughts

The new year brings new beginnings for everyone. In addition to any parties we attend or throw, we must remember to engage in some quiet reflection, too. Reminding ourselves of our accomplishments is just as essential as reflecting on our failures. Every single one of us has achieved more than we probably realize, which is why we should celebrate each one.

We aren’t stagnant beings, we’re made to grow and change, and marijuana can help us in the process. Enjoy Greeley Gallery’s highest quality cannabis to clear anxiety clouds of self-doubt from your mind and become curious about the future.

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