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Ingest or Inhale? The Difference Between Marijuana Edibles and Smoking

legal marijuana dispensaryRecreational marijuana is one of the most highly debated topics these days. Legal marijuana is already available in many dispensary locations across the country, notably in states like Oregan and Colorado, who have legalized it. And over 94 million people in the U.S. have admitted to using the substance at least once.

However, not everyone has tried it in the same way. Some choose the traditional route, smoking it in a bowl or in a joint, while others choose an alternative way. There are edibles for marijuana that can be very different than the pure herb you’d receive at a legal marijuana dispensary. Here are a few of the differences between these two types of consumption:

Different Effects And Durations

Edibles are supposed to be consumed in small amounts and slowly. This is because of the way that edibles are metabolized. It can take between 30 minutes and two hours to kick in. The effects can also last for several hours. Compared to inhaling the substance, edibles with marijuana can lead to stronger body effects. This is why you want to take it slow, as larger doses can be almost overpowering.

THC Absorbed Differently

The reason edibles are typically so much stronger than smoked or vaporized cannabis is because of the way they’re metabolized. The THC is metabolized by the liver, and it becomes effective in crossing the blood-brain barrier. This results in a more intense high. Inhaled THC undergoes a different process because it travels directly to the brain. This is why the effects come faster but diminish quickly.

Difficult To Determine Doses

With edibles, it’s more difficult to dose the THC content in each batch. Even professional distributors from the government have difficulty keeping a consistent dose in their products. In addition to this, the differences in THC absorption can make consumers overestimate the dose. Inhaling allows a consumer to gradually dose as needed due to the instantaneous effects.

When you try edibles from your local legal marijuana dispensary, make sure to keep these differences in mind. The different ways that THC is absorbed can make edibles a little more tricky than inhaling the substance. Be cautious and patient with home much you consume at one time.

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