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The Other Kind of Dabbing: What Is It and Why Is It Controversial in the Cannabis Community?

marijuana dispensaries in portlandIf you weren’t living under a rock in 2016, you know that “dabbing” has become a household term for Millennials. The dance move popularized by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has been cropping up on social media for months now, showing up everywhere from the dance floor to Congressman Roger Marshall’s swearing in ceremony (totally confusing Speaker Paul Ryan).

But that’s not the kind of “dabbing” we’re talking about today. Cannabis connoisseurs from the marijuana dispensaries in Portland Oregon to the streets of New York know dabbing, or “smoking dabs”, as a method of consumption that involves heating a dose of concentrate on a hot surface and then inhaling through a dab rig. While this may not sound particularly dangerous, dabbing is actually a highly controversial method that has become a dividing point within the cannabis community.

What are dabs?
Dabs are considered the fastest and most efficient way to experience the psychological effects of cannabis. In other words, they get you really, really high. By extracting the THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent like carbon dioxide or butane, you get a sticky oil commonly referred to as wax or butane hash oil (BHO).

Why is dabbing considered dangerous?
While the actual act of smoking dabs isn’t all that bad, the extraction process can be pretty dangerous. DIYers who try to make dabs can run into a number of hazardous scenarios — burns, explosions, even whole houses blowing up. A few scary stories have become cautionary tales, and suddenly cannabis is being talked about in the same terms as hard drugs like meth. For those working hard to legalize marijuana, this is a step in the wrong direction.

Another concern is the “dirty” oil that comes out of the extraction process, which may contain certain hazardous chemical contaminants. While butane is relatively harmless (it already exists in many everyday products like scent extracts), the equipment used in the extraction process could introduce additional contaminants. However, when the process is done correctly, these hazards can be avoided entirely. Instead of attempting to make BHO on your own, visit one of the marijuana dispensaries in Portland Oregon that sells concentrates.

The biggest concern for anti-dabbers is the super-concentrated power of BHO. While it’s not lethal, taking more than you can handle can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms or may cause you to pass out.

Are there medical benefits to dabbing?
Because of their high concentration, dabs can provide a more powerful dose of medicine to patients dealing with chronic pain or nausea. For some people, smoking just doesn’t give them the immediate relief that they need.

Oregon dispensaries, including the popular marijuana dispensaries in Portland Oregon like Greeley Gallery, have sold over $27 million worth of recreational marijuana since the start of 2016. As legalization becomes more widespread, we’re bound to learn more about the different methods of consuming cannabis and their positive and negative effects. For more information, talk to a knowledgeable budtender at your favorite Portland marijuana dispensary.

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