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3 Summertime Activities Made Better with Weed

June brings the first hint of Summertime in Portland and is arguably the one of the best times of year because the flowers are still blooming and the weather is warming, but it hasn’t gotten too hot yet. June means backyard barbeques, fresh produce, and long gorgeous sunny days. There’s only one thing we can think of that can make June even better, and that’s cannabis.

After all, marijuana has a way of elevating even the most mundane tasks. Yet, weed also enhances our connection with nature – and what better time of year to enjoy nature in Oregon than June? After much discussion, we agreed on three June activities that we can’t wait to do while high. That said, cannabis affects people differently, so it’s important you know your tolerance before engaging in any activities; otherwise, you may experience adverse effects.

Go for a Walk

Going for leisurely walks is highly underrated and great for anyone with a moderate to high cannabis tolerance. Walking is great exercise for the body, which is nice, but walking just to walk—without any other goal—is fantastic for the mind. Smoking a joint during your stroll will only elevate the experience and appreciation. Just don’t be surprised if your mind wanders to fantastical or bizarre places during your journey.

Arbor Lodge Park is a short walk from our cannabis dispensary in north Portland and has plenty of things to enjoy, including a play structure, open fields, tennis courts, a dog park, and a walking path. It’s a great place for people-watching or even playing yourself!

Greeley Gallery is in a charming neighborhood, full of distinct houses and lovely landscaped yards. Some have converted their entire lawns into gardens that awe and inspire any passerby. Stop in and say hi on your way, and don’t forget to pick up a stimulating Sativa pre-roll joint or edible before you go!

Garden – No Yard Required

If you’re still learning your cannabis tolerance or prefer staying home when under its influence, then this activity is for you. Gardens are lovely to observe, but gardening is a soothing activity that nourishes the soul. There’s something almost primal about the smell of soil and the sensation of bare hands in dirt. Plus, watching your plants grow is remarkably satisfying.

Having a yard is ideal, but thankfully, there are plenty of ways to create a garden without one. You could make an herb garden in your kitchen, for instance. House plants are another way of gardening. However you do it, a nice Sativa strain like Lemon Vuitton or an Indica strain like Dawg Walker will only add to your experience.

Visit the St. Johns Farmer’s Market

If you can function in public after consuming cannabis or even enjoy it, then this one’s for you! St. John’s is a fantastic area of north Portland that feels like a quaint little town itself. It’s also the location of the iconic St. John’s Bridge with Cathedral Park beneath it. Lombard even becomes a sort of Main St passing through. It’s a great place to explore any time, but there’s an excellent farmer’s market every Saturday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

In addition to abundant fresh produce, this year, there’s a new 2,200 sq ft native garden onsite. Meaning, you could simultaneously knock out all three options listed in this article! Besides, what’s better than getting a little high and walking amongst an abundance of locally produced munchy options? Not to mention, cannabis is known to heighten flavors, making delicious food even more impressive. We think a light Sativa like Spritzer, would be ideal for this adventure, but if you’re someone prone to feelings of anxiety, then a hybrid like Blue Dream Mintz is likely a better option.

Final Thoughts

June marks the beginning of the best time of year for Oregonians. The month’s warmth and longer days lure us outside. We feel fresher, lighter, and, with cannabis, a little higher. Make sure to stop by Greeley Gallery for high-quality and locally produced cannabis products to enhance whatever activity you choose to celebrate June.

Our cannabis dispensary is open seven days a week between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. for your convenience. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to answer any questions or make recommendations. See you soon!

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