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Greeley Gallery’s 7 Favorite Cannabis Health Benefits

The plethora of health benefits is just one reason we love weed so much at Greeley Gallery and is why our dispensary offers high-quality, locally produced medicinal and recreational cannabis products. And as cannabis continues to become more culturally accepted, researchers are discovering an ever-increasing list of health benefits the plant provides.

Including that while cannabidiol (CBD) is well known for its own array of health benefits, it turns out that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while touted for its psychoactive effects, holds its own list of healthy perks, a couple of which are included on our list.

Anti-Anxiety – CBD

Anxiety is an unpleasant emotion we’ve all become well acquainted with over the last few years. Hundreds of millions of people of practically all ages suffer from anxiety disorders, making it one of the biggest reasons consumers turn to cannabis. But specifically, to CBD.

The psychoactive effects of THC can sometimes increase anxiety levels for some people, which is why it’s vital to start with small dosages and slowly build your tolerance if you’re prone to issues with anxiety. Meanwhile, CBD appears to have an impressive ability to squash anxiety and ease tensions without the psychoactive high produced by THC.

Improves Acne – CBD

Zits are everyone’s mortal enemy. We like to think acne only plagues us during adolescence, but the truth is zits can occur at any age. This is why we got pretty excited to learn that CBD seems to aid our skin health and prevent acne.

See, we have sebaceous glands that produce an oily or waxy substance called sebum which lubricates our skin and hair follicles. A study found that topical CBD– as in CBD products that are applied directly to the skin –prevents the sebaceous glands from producing too much sebum, which prevents us from breaking out. This means that not only does CBD help us feel better internally, but it also helps us look better on the outside.

Increases Appetite – THC

If you ask us, the munchies are one of the best parts of getting stoned with THC. Like magic, weed makes food taste better as though every tastebud is elevated – sweets are sweeter, savory is even more so, and it’s as though our stomachs transform into black holes capable of swallowing our entire kitchen.

However, outside of binging a family-size bag of Doritos (just us?), sometimes we need a little encouragement to eat – such as when we’re sick and need nutrients but don’t have an appetite. Then, of course, there are an array of medical conditions, such as various eating disorders, dementia, and hepatitis which could lead to malnutrition or even death. In this case, the munchies may just save lives.

Deeper Awareness – THC

Plenty of evidence indicates our ancient ancestors consumed cannabis for spiritual purposes, and if you’ve ever gotten high with weed, then you probably know why. The psychoactive properties of THC have a way of bringing us calmly back to ourselves, and it can feel as though our senses are heightened.

All of this makes cannabis a great way to take a step back from your fast-paced lifestyle and take a moment to relax and reflect. It helps slow your mind so you can take your time to become attuned with yourself. So far, research shows that the “spiritual motives for cannabis use may be widespread.” Meaning our reasons for smoking weed may not be all that different from our ancestors’ thousands of years ago.

Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammatory – Both

Of all the health benefits cannabis holds, pain relief is probably the most well-known, especially concerning CBD’s relationship with pain from cancer and chemotherapy treatments.

Inflammation only contributes to more pain and stiffness. But research suggests that cannabis compounds decrease the body’s inflammation response which in turn helps reduce pain. Although the best results are found when cannabis is used to aid chronic pain rather than acute. For instance, weed probably won’t do much if you broke a bone, but it will help with sore muscles or chronic discomfort that can be eased by ibuprofen.

Anti-Nausea and Vomiting – Mostly THC

This one falls under the umbrella of pain relief we just discussed, but we mention it because it has interesting results. Given the medicinal applause CBD receives, you may assume it has stronger anti-nausea effects. But research actually shows that CBD alone is unlikely to affect nausea or vomiting on its own. Meanwhile THC shows evidence of being more effective, but the best results occured when a combination of CBD and THC is used.

Antioxidant and Neuroprotectants – Both

Plant life across the planet is abundant with antioxidants. So why would the cannabis plants be any different? The fact is, cannabis is bursting with antioxidants that aid us in many ways, one of the most important of which is protecting our brain cells. Research shows both CBD and THC, along with many other cannabinoids contribute to keeping our cells healthy and protected from stress.

Not only is this exciting, but it completely busts the myth that weed kills brain cells. In fact, a study from 2014 discovered that people were 80 times less likely to die from traumatic head injuries with THC in their systems than without.

Final Thoughts

Seeing as Greeley Gallery is a cannabis dispensary, we’re clearly big fans of weed. To start with, consuming cannabis is fun, plain and simple. But it goes deeper than that. Unlike alcohol, marijuana doesn’t leave us hungover, full of regret, or at risk of overdosing. Instead, cannabis improves our sleep and eases our pains, along with an ever-growing list of additional health benefits.

We said at the beginning that the health benefits are a significant reason we at Greeley Gallery love cannabis, but it’s not the whole reason. What really warms our hearts is how cannabis can bring people together, open our minds, and inspire creativity, aiding our mental and physical well-being. In short, we believe that marijuana brings out the best in us.

Written By: Katrina Paulson

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