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How Cannabis Relieves Nausea

Stomach aches are one of the most annoying and disruptive feelings our body creates. When we think of nausea, we often associate the feeling with having the flu. But stomach upsets occur for a variety of reasons. Even anxiety can create turbulence in our bellies. Whether you’re suffering from a hangover or are suffering from the side effects of chemo, cannabis is a fast-acting and effective method of treating nausea.

Greeley Gallery is more than a recreational dispensary. We’re also a medicinal marijuana dispensary in North Portland. We know how valuable marijuana is for health, and we always want our customers to feel their best. So, if you suffer from nausea, keep reading, because we’re going to share how cannabis can help you.

Understanding Nausea

While the source of the discomfort range from digestive irritants to deadly diseases, the way our bodies react to nausea is relatively the same. This is because usually, nausea is just a symptom. It’s the body’s defense system alerting us to a more significant problem.

It’s important to note that you should talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing ongoing nausea or vomiting, especially if you think you might be pregnant. If you know the source of your sickness and are seeking immediate relief, then keep reading.

Even though nausea is one of the most common ailments, it’s hard to find something that can ease the pain. Antacids sometimes work, or perhaps plain crackers or toast, but the relief is often minimal and short-lived. However, cannabis is one of the “strongest available agents for chemotherapy-induced nausea.”

How Cannabis Eases Nausea

Unlike other pains which are localized, like stubbing a toe, nausea can radiate throughout our entire body. This is because it’s regulated by our central nervous system, and our endocannabinoid systems. In other words, our bodies create neurotransmitters to regulate our sleep, moods, and memories, but they’re also responsible for how we experience pain.

When we feel nauseated, our body sends signals to our brains using these systems to communicate what’s going on in the body. Cannabis, in turn, interacts with our cannabinoid receptors and disrupts the signals sent to our brains. This means the brain never receives the message that our stomach hurts. Therefore, we don’t feel the pain caused by it. Similar to how ibuprofen works except cannabis offers faster results and is less toxic for the body. The FDA found that ibuprofen may increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes—even with short-term use—though it may take weeks to arise.

Does CBD or THC Help More?

The great thing about using cannabis to combat nausea is that both THC and CBD work wonders. You can use them together or separately to achieve desired results, and both relieve discomfort within a half-hour or less, depending on the method of consumption.

In some cases, CBD may take the lead as the first choice between the two for one simple reason. CBD doesn’t cause intoxication or the psychoactive effects THC does, so if you just want to relieve your nausea without getting high, CBD is probably the option for you.

On the other hand, THC also kicks nausea’s butt quickly and efficiently. If you’re an experienced user and the high from THC is enjoyable to you, then the psychoactive effects are a bonus and an excellent way to distract you from your pain.

When it comes to dosage, it’s been found that consuming too much marijuana can actually increase your nausea by overloading your system. Instead, Greeley Gallery suggests starting with one or two hits or about 5mg of an edible. You should begin feeling relief within 15-20 minutes of smoking or 1-2 hours after consuming an edible. If not, slowly increase your dosage. Remember, you can also consume more, but you can’t take it back if you take too much. Better to start small and build upward.

Final Thoughts

No one enjoys being nauseous. It doesn’t feel good and can easily ruin our day. Though over-the-counter medications don’t always last, they can sometimes do more harm than good, especially with chronic use. So, you can understand why we’re so excited about the long known benefits of cannabis used for combating nausea.

It’s fast-acting, potent, and there are a variety of methods to choose from. Please talk to your doctor if you’re pregnant or nursing before exploring this path. We care about our customers like family and want you to be feeling your best. Feel free to stop in and chat with our staff about the best options for you.

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