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The Many Colors of Marijuana

November is one of our favorite months here at Greeley Gallery because it’s when trees’ leaves are changing colors. Suddenly the city pops with reds, oranges, and yellows, brightening your commute and, hopefully, your day. But did you know trees aren’t the only plants with colorful leaves?

When you walk into a cannabis dispensary, such as Greeley Gallery, you may assume all cannabis is green or maybe purple. But the truth is, beyond their buds, cannabis plants have different shades ranging all the rainbow colors, and each color tells you something different. So, in celebration of autumn, let’s look at each one.

One Essential Ingredient They All Have in Common

The colors are produced by a type of flavonoid molecule called anthocyanins. All higher-class plants with reds, blues, and purplish hues, such as blood oranges, eggplant, black beans, and even wine, have an abundance of anthocyanins. In addition to attracting pollinators and protecting the plant from harmful UV rays, anthocyanins are bursting with health benefits – including plenty of antioxidants.

Though, like trees in autumn, temperature plays a role in the rainbow of cannabis colors. As the seasons change and the weather gets cooler, many tree leaves change from green to red, orange, and yellow. The same is true for cannabis plants. Fiery colors replace the cool green leaves as chlorophyll production slows down. So, between the temperature dropping and the wealth of anthocyanins, cannabis plants enjoy an entire rainbow of colors.

Red Marijuana

Of all the colors, red is the least common color found on a cannabis plant. At least when it comes to buds and leaves. There are, however, red hairs which appear somewhat more frequently. Though, red marijuana is more often genetically selected and quite rare to find in the wild.

Orange Marijuana

Like the red coloring, hairs on the cannabis plant and buds are the more likely area to spot orange. You’re most likely to see orange appear near the end of the flowering stage of the cannabis plant. Strains such as Agent Orange are known for their orange-like aromas and mood enhancers.

Yellow Marijuana

Some flavonoids in cannabis plants have yellow coloring and can influence the plant’s color. The same flavonoids (carotenoids) are also in sweet potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes. Cannabis strains with high carotenoid content are known for their high- Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content and mood-lifting effects.

Green Marijuana

As we’re sure you’re aware, green is the dominant color of cannabis. You can find almost every shade of green, thanks to the presence of chlorophyll. Green cannabis buds come in various flavors and effects, be sure to ask our staff for the perfect recommendation for your experience.

Blue Marijuana

Cannabis with shades of blue in their flowers are loaded with anthocyanins and are often voted as the most beautiful buds in the color spectrum. Thankfully, the effect is relatively easy to produce. Simply pick a blue strain of cannabis seeds and let them grow outdoors. The natural temperature drop will bring forth gorgeous blue hues. Blue strains such as Blue Haze are known for deep relaxation, especially for easing stressed or injured muscles.

Purple Marijuana

Like blue cannabis, marijuana with purple shades is also packed with anthocyanins.

Purple cannabis is also a crowd favorite, but it’s a little more common than the bluer tones. There’s a myth that purple buds have more THC, but it’s not true. However, they tend to have a fruitier flavor thanks to the anthocyanin content and are well known for their rich indica effects.

Final Thoughts

Like you, cannabis is much more than what meets the eye. It’s a plant that continues to give back, not just in health benefits, but in beauty. Still, it’s only one reason we love cannabis here at Greeley Gallery, which is why you can trust that we take our profession very seriously.

At our north Portland recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary, you’ll find only the highest quality, locally grown cannabis on our shelves. Be sure to ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff with any questions or for recommendations.

Written by Katrina Paulson

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