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Combat Fall Anxiety with CBD and THC

For the most part, we’ve had a pretty wonderful summer. The warm weather lured us outdoors and with the Coronavirus in mind, we’ve gotten creative with ways to socially distance and still have fun.

Soon we’ll be faced with a new challenge. Fall is coming and with it, cooler temperatures, gloomy clouds, rain, and probably a bout or two of cabin fever.

Greeley Gallery is the best cannabis dispensary in Portland (okay, maybe we’re a little biased) and whether you’re looking for recreational or medical ways to combat your anxiety this winter, we have you covered.

If you’re looking for relief but don’t want to feel high, then CBD might be the best option for you. Did you know CBD has shown promising results in treating both anxiety and depression? It appears that CBD actually has a positive interaction with the serotonin (feel good) receptors in our brains. A 2011 study showed reduced levels of anxiety for people effected by SAD. It’s also been shown that CBD reduces nightmares for anyone suffering from PTSD. So, stocking up on CBD for the winter might be a good idea. It should be noted that not all cannabis flowers have CBD, and it can be hard to come across high CBD strains as flower. There’s still plenty of options including concentrated oils and edibles. Finding a 1:1 ratio with THC will often provide that relaxing and calm feeling you’re hoping for. Be sure to discuss more with our knowledge staff members.

If you’re feeling an increase in anxiety due to life and weather, and you’re all for getting high, then THC might be your new best friend this Fall.

So far, research shows that while high doses of cannabis can increase your levels of anxiety and paranoia, it has the opposite effect when taken in small doses. As they say, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

Know what else combats feelings of SAD? Exercise. We can help you there, too. We’ve written about it before but it’s worth repeating: our brains automatically release chemical compounds, called endocannabinoids, in our bodies when we exercise – even while walking. These compounds affect our appetite, mood, and pain relief. We already do this naturally, but we can speed up the process through THC. Make sure you’re experienced, getting high before working out isn’t for everyone. Please don’t push yourself.

It’s important to note that while lower doses of THC have shown to help decrease feelings of anxiety, high levels of THC has been known to show an increase in anxiety levels (such as heart rate or racing thoughts) for some individuals. If you have limited experiences with using marijuana, you might want to start at a low percentage and work your way up at your own pace.

The Coronavirus hasn’t gone away and health experts have warned
against smoking or vaping cigarettes or weed, as it may increase the risk of
COVID-19 infection. However, you can still opt for edibles, tinctures, and
drinks. All of which you can find at Greeley Gallery.

Final Words

Feeling claustrophobic, irritable, or restless when stuck inside for an
extended amount of time is understandable. Seasonal Affective Disorder
(SAD) is common during the Fall and Winter months often leaving you
feeling a bit stir crazy. Not to fear – Greely Gallery in North Portland has your back.

Whether you live by university park, or arbor lodge, Greely Gallery is the
North Portland cannabis dispensary to help you find the perfect marijuana strain to combat your cabin fever.


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