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How To Serve Your Marijuana: Entertaining With Cannabis

For what seems like forever, alcohol has been the cornerstone of every social event and function in the Western World. Want to get to know somebody? Go out for a drink. Got an office mixer coming up? Everyone goes straight for the punch. Thanksgiving with the in-laws a little stressful? Thank goodness for Pinot Noir.

But the party landscape is changing — five states (including the District of Columbia) have legalized recreational marijuana, and it has become abundantly clear that more people smoke the stuff than was previously thought. In Oregon, retailers and Portland dispensaries sold a whopping $11 million worth of marijuana and related goods in only the first week of legalization alone.

New doors have certainly opened, but our parties haven’t caught up. In marijuana-legalized states, why not have an open smoke bar instead? Check out that and other ideas on how to entertain with the help of newly legalized recreational marijuana.

Appoint a Weed-Tender
Got a big event coming up? Instead, ask one of your friends who was also so great at rolling joints to don a tux or acocktail dress blunt dress(?) and be the party’s resident roller. They’ll be just like a bartender, able to whip up whatever marijuana conconction a guest desires. And, like a responsible bartender, he or she can make sure guests are smoking up responsibly. It’ll certainly be unique and make your event one to remember.

Include Them In Goodie Bags
As long as all of your party is of legal age, why not provide a complementary joint, edible, or tincture in a gift basket? You will be able to find many varieties, flavors, and scents at your local Portland marijuana dispensary.

If you know your friends are interested in exploring marijuana culture and the new recreational products on the market in Oregon, why not visit some marijuana dispensaries and find some interesting accessories to give as gifts or to try out at a party as a group.

Make sure to consult with the employees at your local marijuana dispensary to select the right strain for your event or party — whether it be green queen or pineapple diesel, you’ll be sure to have a hit on your hands.

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