Important Facts About Hemp Seeds!
Bowl with hemp seeds and scoops on sackcloth

Important Facts About Hemp Seeds!

It’s so lovely that we have the opportunity to be able to purchase these super seeds! hemp seeds or also known as hemp hearts because hemp seeds have so many benefits so here are a few.

Hemp seeds which is considered as one of the super foods are the seeds from the hemp plant, cannabis hemp seeds are tiny brown seeds extremely nutritious and rich in proteins healthy fats and various minerals. Hemp is also widely utilized and diverse industrial crop in the world. The fiber content in the seeds is considered to be the longest and most durable of all the natural fibers. It can even be grown without any deadly herbicides or pesticides. Hemp seed oil or hemp oil is made by pressing the hemp seeds. These seeds aid in digestion, balance the hormones and improve metabolism. You can sprinkle them on your foods, salads and ground them into powder and add it in your milk.

Healthy heart: Heart diseases are the number one cause of death all over the world. Including hemp seeds in your diet may lower the risk of heart disease. Hemp seeds contain amino acid arginine in high quantities which produces nitric oxide in your body. As an added benefit, hemp seeds may lower the blood pressure level, help in rapid recovery after a heart attack and decrease the risk of blood clot formation.

Joint pain and arthritis: A study published in the Journal of Ethno pharmacology took a look at the hemp seed oil’s effects on arthritus and joint pain. They concluded that the hemp seed oil has anti-arthritic effects, which can help patients suffering from its symptoms and other joint pains. One tablespoon of hemp seed oil daily along with a quality fish oil can do wonders for people who are suffering with some sort of joint pain. Topically is very useful as well just put it where it hurts we have a few on the shelf here at Greeley Gallery to choose from.

Improved skin: Instead of using skin ointments for skin damage one can use hemp seeds for skin ailments. The essential vitamins, minerals and most importantly the presence of omega 3 fatty acids can improve skin conditions like eczema, acne, or sun damage. You can incorporate hemp seeds in your daily skin care routine for healthy skin.

Aids in digestion: Hemp seeds are the ideal dietary supplement as it contains a mix of soluble and insoluble fibers. As we all know that fiber is important for gastrointestinal health. The fiber in the hemp seeds feeds the probiotics in the stomach, hence keeping it healthy. As an added benefit, it is beneficial for people dealing with constipation. Just a handful of hemp seeds a day can help those suffering from constipation. Insoluble fibers that are present in the hemp seed can also provide relief from diarrhea. On the other hand, soluble fibers, stimulate the production of bile juice, which in turn reduces the amount of LDL cholesterol.

Weight loss: Yup Weight Loss! Well this may be helpful right now since were at home more. Hemp is fiber rich and a natural appetite suppressant, therefore it can help you feel full for longer and reduce hunger cravings. Simply adding four tablespoons of hemp seeds to your breakfast will help curb the excess hunger all day long. This is due to the fiber content in hemp seeds, which promotes satiety and in turn controls your weight.

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