Following Study Debunking Marijuana Myth, More States Look Towards Legalization

Marijuana dispensariesA new study debunking a myth pertaining to recreational marijuana use could lead to nationwide legalization.

There is a common misconception across the medicinal and recreational marijuana industry that legalizing weed will lead to children becoming too dependent on the substance. Although teens do (and have for decades) use marijuana, there is no scientific evidence of legalizing it leading to overuse in schools and communities across the country.

Currently, 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana and recreational legalization has been gaining some momentum as of late. According to Vice News, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report that found 21.7% of high school students report using marijuana at least once a month. That number is not “measurably different” from 2013, when the country’s first recreational legislation took effect in Colorado and Washington.

Marijuana dispensaries are seemingly thriving after the release of each of these studies debunking various marijuana myths including the killing of brain cells, leading to addiction, and overdosing.

“Youth marijuana use remains relatively unchanged,” as was reported in a 2015 Colorado study after allowing recreational use for two years.

The bureau’s annual report uses data from national surveys of students, teachers, principals, and postsecondary institutions.

Marijuana dispensaries in Portland Oregon have enjoyed plenty of success recently, too, and across the country, in New Jersey, Vermont, and other parts of the East Coast, recreational marijuana is gaining some serious momentum.

CBS New York reports that a New Jersey lawmaker recently introduced legislation that would legalize, regulate, and tax recreational marijuana. Also, as reported by The Huffington Post, Vermont is heading towards becoming the first state to legalize recreational marijuana without a ballot referendum.

“I think we need to change the entire ballgame and legalize it, regulate, and tax it,” said Senator Nicholas Scutari, “so we can ensure the safety of our citizens, as well as garner the tax benefit.”

Everyone will have to wait and see exactly what happens to the U.S. and the recreational marijuana industry, but signs are certainly pointing towards nationwide acceptance. If you want to check out some quality marijuana dispensaries in Portland, contact Greeley Gallery today.

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