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We opened back in 2014 with the vision of a family owned and operating medicinal marijuana shop. Since then our goal has been to purchase the best quality for the best prices we have not been purchasing for what we want but rather for what our customers would like to see on the shelf.

Before more medical patients could benefit from the medicine we possessed, and chose to open a shop in North Portland. We specifically grew three in-house made genetics. here’s a description of what they have to offer.

The Richard Simmons is a high potency sativa with a high THC (24-29% thc) and a considerable amount of cbd (1-3%). It makes you feel awake and enthused for any evening plans. This strain should be great if you have low energy as well or to foster any creative endeavors, you will be able to sweat to the oldies because this strain will be on the shelf very very soon to come.

New York pineapple diesel or (NYPD) is a sativa leaning hybrid. THC percentage varies on batch, and grower, 22 to 25% THC, to 1% CBD. When you place your nose to a nugget of this strain, your senses inhale orange tang spiked with a dash of earthy funk. The cerebral high is clearheaded, mentally uplifting, and focused. It’s a hard hitting genetic without the heavy feeling that would give you the couch lock effect. Medical patients with seasonal depression named the strain as one of their favorites.

The grandmaster chem is the last to make our list, but should probably be the first we should have mentioned. We like to save the best for last of course. This strain is one of the hardest hitting, most potent strains we ever came across. THC ranges 29 to 33% THC. This is a genetic years in the making. Crossed between the true chem dog 91 and Master Kush as well as the Tahoe OG, this rained in accolades from all corners of the industry. Notes of chemicals and diesel fuel fills the air with the strain.

Greeley Gallery is walking into its 7th year of being in business, we are so fortunate to be where we are today because of our incredible customers we are so grateful, Happy New Year! Love the Greeley Gallery family.

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