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Natural Pain Relief: Cannabis for Working Out High

One of the most common reasons cited for using cannabis involves its ability to relieve pain and discomfort. Recently, the effectiveness of applying this cannabis-based pain relief to exercise has become better known, and cannabis is commonly used to mitigate the harsher aspects of strenuous physical activity. The next time you consider working out high, check out these strains to add a jolt of euphoria to your routine.

Cannabis for Working Out: Strains to Lift By

Allen Wrench

As a sativa strain, Allen Wrench provides cannabis consumers with an energetic mental high that invites a happy and engaged mindset. The strain is known to be a go-to option for working out high, as the electrifying effects of Allen Wrench have been compared to a shot of caffeine.

With a THC content approaching 18% on average, Allen Wrench may be considered a strain that straddles the higher end of the potency spectrum. Inexperienced cannabis users should exercise some amount of caution when handling Allen Wrench, and wait for its effects to settle in before packing more than one bowl.


Dutchberry is sweet-tasting hybrid strain with a lineage descending from the ever-popular DJ Short’s Blueberry and Dutch Treat. Combining the scrumptious flavor of both strains to create a unique blend, Dutchberry has made a mark on the cannabis market for its smooth burn and ease of sharing with others.

An ideal strain for working out high, Dutchberry promotes a positive mood that settles in after just a few puffs. With a carefree state of mind that lasts for hours, even hardcore workouts can feel like they’ve been completed in virtually no time at all when under the influence of a small dose of Dutchberry.

Gorilla Snacks

Yet another hybrid strain with storied parentage, this time involving the legendary Gorilla Glue #4, Gorilla Snacks is renowned for an all-around pleasant vibe that uplifts and refreshes. Upon opening a container of Gorilla Snacks, the powerful earthy aroma begins to awaken the senses and calm the mind.

Gorilla Snacks has been reported to be effective in relieving muscle pain, making it a strong choice for cannabis consumers who want a strain for working out high. This versatile strain can apply to a variety of situations though, so you may find yourself partaking after your routine as well.

Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream is a peculiar strain in the modern cannabis market. Descended from the Starfighter strain, Cookies and Cream is known for testing with high quantities of cannabigerol, otherwise known as CBG. The chemical compound has become increasingly familiar among cannabis experts for its potential anti-inflammatory effects, making it adept at producing quick pain relief.

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