The Threat of Dangerous Synthetic Cannabis Has Spread To Five States

The threat of dangerous synthetic cannabis has spread to five states, prompting health departments to go full force.

Over 100 People In Illinois Have Suffered Severe Synthetic Marijuana-Induced Bleeding
Synthetic cannabis goes by many names, K2 and Spice being two of the most common. The most important thing to know about synthetic cannabis is that it isn’t cannabis at all. It’s made of chemicals that bind to the body’s cannabinoid receptors, but they aren’t cannabinoids.

This means that it can produce all sorts of dangerous health effects, including massive amounts of bleeding. Some synthetic cannabis even contains rat poison.

The threat of dangerous synthetic cannabis has spread to five states, hitting hardest in Illinois. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, there are 107 instances of synthetic marijuana-induced bleeding to date. Though doctors are attending to all these patients, they can’t always offer medical assistance fast enough.

Dr. Michelle Alepra of St. John’s Hospital explained to News Channel 20 that the consequences of ingesting synthetic marijuana are complicated and scary.

“We see a lot of acute psychosis,” Dr. Alepra said, “a lot of psychiatric issues from the K-2, a lot of agitation and physical problems or traumatic problems that occur from that. Also, things like renal failure, kidney failure, and this with the bleeding are the biggest issues.”

Synthetic weed is psychologically and physically dangerous and can be deadly. So far, three people in Illinois have died from consuming synthetic cannabinoids. Hospitals have admitted dozens experiencing these symptoms, and expect more.

Not only can synthetic weed kill someone, but it can produce psychosis that drives people to suicide. Clinical counselor Laura Butts listed its dangerous psychological symptoms: “If they’re expressing if they want to hurt or kill themselves, if they’re seeing things that aren’t there, responding to things that aren’t there […].”

Synthetic Cannabis Has Spread To Maryland
Last week, the first person in Maryland was hospitalized due to synthetic cannabis-related illness. The Maryland Poison Center reported that the emergency room admitted the patient to the hospital for bleeding from the gums, eyes and ears.

They were also vomiting blood and had blood in their stool.

Doctors have diagnosed it as synthetic cannabis-related coagulopathy. This is a condition where the blood does not clot properly, resulting in excessive bleeding.

New York Has Issued A Warning To All Hospitals
Authorities are attempting to curb the outbreak. Today, New York warned hospital emergency rooms across the state about synthetic marijuana. They told healthcare professionals to look for seemingly random and excessive bleeding. As the threat of dangerous synthetic cannabis has spread to five states, the empire state is on high alert.

Officials in Maryland are also cautioning residents against using synthetic weed. Bruce Anderson of the Maryland Poison Center said, “We’re warning people to not use synthetic cannabinoids. While never safe, the recent increased risk of adverse effects such as synthetic cannabinoid-associated coagulopathy makes it critical for people to abstain.”

Dr. Nirav D. Shah of the Illinois Director of Illinois Department of Public Health also warned people against ingesting these chemicals.

“Despite the perception that synthetic cannabinoids are safe and a legal alternative to marijuana,” she said, “many are illegal and can cause severe illness.”

Final Hit: The Threat of Dangerous Synthetic Cannabis Has Spread To Five States
Authorities are investigating the vendors responsible for selling synthetic weed, and are cracking down on those responsible. In Illinois, the police are shutting down stores that sell synthetic cannabis.

Furthermore, the federal government is charging three Chicago-area clerks with selling the synthetic cannabis that caused this outbreak.

In another tragic instance of synthetic marijuana-related death, a North Carolina teenager overdosed on synthetic CBD oil. As a result, authorities are charging the vape shop owner where the teen purchased the ‘CBD’ oil with nine felonies.

Synthetic cannabis is dangerous, often illegal and widespread. Stay away from synthetic marijuana, and call 911 if someone around you is experiencing any of these symptoms.

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