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A Bet For Charity: How Girl Scouts and A Marijuana Dispensary Raised Money Together

marijuana dispensaryMany people have seen an amusing image of a couple of Girl Scouts with a table set out in front of a marijuana dispensary. The picture got a few chuckles, with some remarking how ingenious those girls were. Now, the Girl Scouts who started this very trend are doing something even more amazing.

Teaming up with their local dispensary, the Girl Scouts partook in an interesting bet to see which of them could earn the most money for charity, the scouts or the dispensary. It is reported that the funds from both the Girl Scouts and the local marijuana dispensary would go to a program called Kindergarten to College, or K2C. This program is a charity to help raise money to fund college education.

It is also reported that the Girl Scouts eventually won the bet and were treated to a plate of freshly baked cookies. This entire event helped bring the community together, as well as get rid of some of the negative stereotypes associated with marijuana dispensaries and their customers.

With 23 states and the District of Columbia having legalized medical marijuana, this business only continues to grow. Medical marijuana dispensaries pop up seemingly every day around the country. Names like green queen, pineapple diesel, and blue dream marijuana are becoming more common now. It only seems like a matter of time before marijuana becomes legal country-wide.

And while some debate still exists in the U.S. as to whether or not that is wise, the medical potential of marijuana can hardly be denied. Able to help with cancer patients and those suffering from epilepsy, it remains a highly versatile and effective drug. Without the restrictions set upon it, even more research may be allowed to study the effects of marijuana and provide new uses for it in the medical field. It seems we have only scratched the surface as to what this drug can do.

Choosing to have dispensaries around the country also proves wise. Giving easy access to patients who may need the treatment medical marijuana can give them, it is important that it’s easily accessible. With a marijuana dispensary, it makes getting the medical marijuana very easy for people suffering from horrible diseases like cancer or epilepsy to receive the drug, rather than waiting in a doctor’s office for long hours or needing to travel far away from their hometown in order to get it.

Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on, there’s no denying the use of medical marijuana is on the rise. With its popularity comes the opportunity for heartwarming stories like this to reach us, the story of a couple of girls and a marijuana dispensary donating to charity.

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