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Fun Facts About Marijuana Across the World

marijuana for recreational useMarijuana for recreational use is not as taboo as it once was, with more and more states legalizing its use each and every year. But did you know that before legal marijuana came to be in the United States, it had a vast history across the world?

Here are some fun facts about marijuana to think about the next time you head to your local dispensary.

  • George Washington grew marijuana

    Many historians believe he chose this drug as a way to alleviate pain caused by his wooden dentures and his tooth pain.

  • The Jamestown colony in 1619 required each resident to grow hemp

    Since the hemp plant was used for a variety of different reasons such as creating rope and fabric, it was against the law not to grow it.

  • Americans have more than 100 words for marijuana

    It doesn’t matter if it is marijuana for recreational use or not, there are plenty of different names for the plant including: green queen, bud, dope, ganja, maryjane, weed, kush, and dank to name a few.

  • The Chinese have been using marijuana for centuries

    The first recorded use of marijuana was in China more than 4,700 years ago. The emperor at the time, Shen Nung, used it as a medicinal herb to treat different conditions such as gout, malaria, and rheumatism. However, it was banned in China around 500 B.C. as it was believed it caused younger people to disrespect their elders.

  • The Gutenberg Bible was printed on hemp paper

    We’ve all heard stories of Johannes Gutenberg developing the printing press in 1456. Well, he ran out of normal paper at the time and was forced to print his first bible on hemp paper!

  • Americans grow an astounding amount of marijuana every year

    All in all, Americans grow an estimated 22 million pounds of weed annually. But considering that 94 million people in the U.S. have admitted to using marijuana at least once, this number doesn’t seem like a lot!

Do any of these facts inspire you to hit up the dispensary and enjoy this wonderful plant? Come on down and try out our different strains today to see what you like!

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