Are Your Marijuana Dispensaries Providing Quality Product? Here’s How to Tell

marijuana dispensariesThere are a few things all marijuana dispensaries should have. Among those things are service, selection, knowledge, and price. But above all else, your marijuana dispensary should offer you quality recreational marijuana. The only issue with that is many people may not know high-quality marijuana when they first encounter it.

Ensuring you receive high-quality products should be every dispensary’s responsibility, but it never hurts to have a little firsthand knowledge. If you’re unsure how to tell the difference between low, medium, and high-quality marijuana, here’s a short guide to help you out.

Low-quality marijuana goes by many names, one of which is “bottom shelf.” While this is the least expensive marijuana a recreational user can purchase, it can make for a pretty underwhelming or even bad experience for any user. Even experienced customers can experience coughing fits as a result of this kind of quality. Here are a few signs of low-quality to look out for:

  • Brown coloration
  • Contains seeds
  • Dry and easily crumbled
  • Weak or musty odor

Medium-quality is, as the name suggests, just your average bud. The vast majority of products in marijuana dispensaries and recreational clubs rest in this category, which provides a decent bang for your buck. If you’re looking for mid-quality marijuana, keep an eye out for these traits:

  • Small buds
  • Less intense aroma
  • Amateur trimming
  • May be a little dry

Marijuana of this caliber is often referred to as “craft” or “boutique” marijuana. The average concentration of THC in high-quality marijuana usually rests at a solid 18% or higher. For comparison, average THC concentration only jumped from 3.4% to 8.8% between 1993 and 2008. All high-quality marijuana should have the following properties:

  • Dense trichome coating
  • Fluffy buds
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Sticky to the touch

If there’s one thing you need to look for in a marijuana dispensary, it’s quality. The selection of products can be as wide as the ocean’s deep, but unless there’s a pull towards mid- and high-quality strains, you may want to reconsider purchasing from a particular location. Fortunately, determining the quality of your marijuana should be easier now that you have a basic knowledge of how to determine whether a strain is low, medium, or high quality.

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