Time to Unwind: Best Times to Smoke Cannabis

Everybody processes marijuana differently and enjoys different activities while high. For instance, some people find that they are the most productive, creative, and focused when they smoke, while others turn into a big bundle of giggles.

Whether you prefer pineapple diesel to green queen, going for a run or sitting on the couch, or rolling a blunt to smoking a bowl, here are some times that we can all agree are great for lighting up.

Check them out and imagine the tingles of pleasure you can achieve with such sweet release:

After Work or School
After a long day of hard work or school, one of the best things you can do to take a load off is smoke. Some people mix themselves a cocktail or have a beer, but others prefer to relax and zone out with a product from local Portland dispensaries.

After a Big Meal
Many people like to smoke before they eat, but did you know that the sugars in food can sometimes “kill a high”? Smoking after you eat leaves you with a warm, satisfied, and calm feeling, and instead of having tunnel vision for a bag of chips, you can watch a movie, hang with friends, or get some work done without obsessing over your next snack (although we can’t promise you won’t still get the munchies).

Under the Sky
Star, clouds, or the big, wide blue — it’s all good. There is nothing like the open sky when you’re high — it might be a cliche, but it’s true. Just remember that it is illegal to smoke outside in Oregon, so toke up indoors and then head to the roof or lawn with a picnic basket and a blanket.

These classic smoking moments are even better now that you have access to Portland marijuana dispensaries. The booming recreational industry is predicted to do wonders — generating $46 million in wages in 2016 alone. With legalized recreational marijuana, you have much more freedom to “tailor” your highs. The staff at your favorite Portland dispensaries can help you pick out the perfect strain to achieve the perfect high.

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