Classy Cannabis: Your Guide To Smoking Etiquette

marijuana dispensariesNothing ruins the vibe of a smoke circle more than being rude. Smoking is a chill way to connect with your friends and meet new people. By practicing the right etiquette, you can keep the atmosphere feeling good. Follow these basic tips to refresh your social smoking manners while smoking recreational marijuana.

  • Keep the pass going. Take one or two hits and then pass the bowl to the left. Holding onto a bowl or joint for too long is wasteful and annoying, so keep the flow going even if you are in the middle of telling the group a story. Keep your cool while passing the bowl, letting the conversation continue seamlessly.
  • Contribute when you can. No one likes a weed mooch. Stop by one of your local marijuana dispensaries on your way to a kickback to make your own contribution. The host will appreciate any type of sharing. If you are tight on cash or time, bring some snacks.
  • Respect the host. The host may have rules about where in the house you can smoke. Be sure to show respect them and stick to these areas. Also remember that just because you can smoke weed in the house doesn’t mean that you can smoke cigarettes. It’s usually best to smoke cigarettes outside and keep them out of the smoke circle.
  • Let non-smokers hang. If you are passing a bowl and someone does not want to smoke, don’t pressure them. They might be sick, have a drug test coming up, or just not like marijuana. That’s fine. Pass to the next person and let the non-smoker be.
  • Speak up about the last hit. If you take a hit and the bowl might be cashed, be sure to say something. Pass it and say something along the lines of, “Not sure if there is one more in there.” The last thing someone wants is to get a mouth full of ash on their next hit. They will appreciate the courtesy.

Marijuana is the most popular and accessible drug in the U.S., with 48% of Americans having tried it. Even 6.5% of high schools seniors use it daily. Due to this popularity, it’s now available in many marijuana dispensaries. This is largely because puffing some green queen or blue dream marijuana is a great way to unwind and have great conversations. As long as you respect who you are smoking with, everyone will have a good time.

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