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Please Stay Safe!

These days you can never be too careful, what with the circumstances around Coronavirus. We here at the Greeley Gallery take these precautions seriously and because of that we are constantly keeping the shop clean. Throughout the day, we are sanitizing doors, door handles, counter tops, computers, keyboards as well as our cell phones, and last but not least WASHING OUR HANDS! At the end of each night we are mopping and giving the shop an overall clean for your safety and our staff!

At Greeley Gallery we have always taken public health seriously, which is why we have always pre-packaged the flower our customers purchase. This minimizes people’s hands and faces coming into direct contact with the flower that you smoke.

Because of the Coronavirus, the governor of Oregon Kate Brown has required all businesses that remain to be open to create an environment of social distancing. It makes it so much safer rather than business as usual. We are only allowing 1 customer in at a time, as well as just 1 customer in our peaceful bamboo waiting room which have clean safe benches for you to sit on as you wait to go into the showroom.

A lot of businesses in our industry have altered their hours and some have even closed all together until further notice. But we at Greeley Gallery have chosen that the best way for us to serve our community is to keep on keeping on, for the time being, as long as all the staff is healthy and feels safe. Our hours have remained the same which is 7am to 9:55pm everyday. It’s our job to keep a clean environment for you and our staff, so that we can serve you in these worrisome times, morning, noon and night.

Also, our lineup of flower pricing has remained the same, with $8 grams, $20 eighths, $60 half ounces, and $110 ounces. You also can mix and match your eighths to get your half ounce or ounce. Yes, that’s buy 3 eights receive the 4 one free. SALE TAX INCLUDED! This makes your shopping experience easy, fun and affordable, with a variety of different strains to take home and try.

We work with a wide variety of amazing Oregon growers from all around the state to find the best available cannabis flowers for the price. We carry indoor, sun grown, and light dep depending on the season. Check our current strains here on our menu:

So please stay safe out there! We will get through this together. All of our hearts go out to you and to your loved ones, and we’ll see you soon.


the Greeley Gallery Family

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