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What Makes a Marijuana Dispensary Great? 4 Things to Look For

dispensaryDuring the first week of legal recreational marijuana sales in Oregon, retailers sold more than $11 million worth of product. That $11 million outpaced the early business done in various other states that have sold legalized marijuana, as the Oregon Retailers of Cannabis Association reports. Since the beginning of the year, Oregon marijuana dispensaries have sold an estimated $27 million worth of recreational marijuana.

It’s important, however, that if you plan on visiting a dispensary, you are aware of the various factors that make a certain dispensary better than its competitors. Here are a few aspects of business that makes certain marijuana dispensaries great.

  1. Customer Service — If you’re thinking about purchasing legal recreational marijuana, you don’t just want to buy from any random pop-up shop in Portland. You want to really make sure that you’re dealing with a professional company and the easiest way to do that is to take a look at the employees working there. If the sales staff is treating you poorly, you probably shouldn’t be doing business with that company anyways. Make sure that each employee you’re interacting with has a smile on his or her face and is both respectful and compassionate.
  2. Knowledge Staff — Quality dispensaries staff their building with experienced and knowledgeable employees. In addition to a friendly atmosphere, you should make sure that each employee knows a lot about the marijuana industry. Dealing with compassionate and friendly customers is great, but it doesn’t help if you are dealing with someone who doesn’t know too much about each product.
  3. Clean Environment — No matter what kind of company you’re doing business with, you should think twice about working with a company if the building is too messy. Good organizations, regardless of the industry, keep their environment as clean as can be and the same goes for marijuana dispensaries.
  4. High Quality Product — Perhaps the most important aspect of business in the recreational marijuana field is the actual quality of the products being sold. If the edibles, flowers, clones, drinks, topicals and extracts aren’t up to par with the rest of the industry, you can do a little more research and find a company that has much better quality.

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