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4 Common Cannabis Terpenes That Provide Health Benefits

dispensaries in portland oregonRecreational marijuana use is booming across the United States. It’s estimated that because of the gaining popularity within the recreational marijuana industry, fully 2,155 jobs were created in 2016, generated $46 million in wages, and earning a overall market revenue of $300 million. Not only is cannabis gaining popularity on a recreational level, because of the additional health and wellness benefits, it’s o n track toward national acceptance.

Especially in Oregon, marijuana has become commonplace on both the medical and recreational level. There are quality marijuana dispensaries in Portland Oregon that offer great cannabis for recreational and medical use. One of the reasons cannabis is becoming so popular is because of the cannabis terpenes and their benefits.

Cannabis terpenes are responsible for the distinctive smells of different strains of cannabis. Each identified cannabis terpene acts as a fingerprint of sorts and has its own set of medical properties. The strains that smell of pine, sage, and conifers, for instance, actually help with alertness and significantly improves memory retention.

Here are a few common terpenes that offer additional health benefits to its users.


This terpene is the most common one found in cannabis and is also found in hops, mango, bay leaves, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. Beta-Myrcene’s scent has a herbal smell to it, along with a “rooty or spicy” aroma. This terpene helps ease pain, decrease inflammation, and relaxes muscles.


This terpene is commonly found in pine trees and other coniferous plants. Alpha-Pinene can reduce inflammation as well and improves cognitive function, kills bacteria, and helps dilate bronchial tubes.


This compound is another extremely common terpene found in cannabis. Its aroma has been described as being similar to citrus plants and it’s typically used in cleaning chemicals and natural insect repellents. Limonene can actually fight tumors and severe bacterial infections, as well as provides stimulation to the immune system, treated gastric reflux disease, ulcers, and even helps with anxiety and depression.


Beta-Caryophyllene has a rich smell and taste similar to clove and black pepper. This terpene is both antibacterial and antiseptic, and helps ease inflammation and ulcers, alleviates neck pain, and also helps combat depression.

If you want to learn more about cannabis terpenes and the health benefits of marijuana, visit trusted dispensaries in Portland Oregon. If you’re having trouble finding quality dispensaries in Portland Oregon, contact Greeley Gallery today!

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