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Make it an Adult Halloween with Cannabis Edibles and Beverages

Every holiday has something special, but what we love about Halloween here at Greeley Gallery is that it’s a night to celebrate spooky fun. It is a time when people of all ages get to play, be creative, and gorge on candy without judgment. Kids and adults alike get to wear costumes and become anything they want for a night – and we mean anything. For instance, one of our staff members once went as a bag of potato chips.

The candy, though, is a highlight of Halloween. It’s frowned upon for adults to trick-or-treat, but that’s okay because rather than tootsie rolls or bubblegum, we can enjoy some adult-only delights in the form of cannabis edibles. And rather than risk walking around on a rainy night (as Halloween so often is in Portland), we can stay in and watch our favorite scary movie with friends! Greeley Gallery has a wide variety of edibles to choose from, but we’ll tell you which are our favorites.

WYLD Gummies

At the top of our list are WYLD gummies. How can they not be when they are so sweet and delicious with a range of flavors, including yummy strawberry, orange, and watermelon. Another reason we love them is because there are many combinations of THC and CBD with options for varying tolerance from 5mg of THC to 100 mg.

Periodic Caramels

Periodic caramels are the most popular high-quality treats made right here in Oregon. But this option is particularly fantastic for Halloween because you can use them to make adult caramel apples! Simply warm the caramels up and dip pieces of sliced apple or drizzle the caramel over a whole one. Spruce it up by adding chocolate sprinkles or dip it in some crunched candy bars.

Majik Cookies

While not precisely candy, Majik Cookies are an excellent choice for Halloween. They are larger than the other options, so there’s more to enjoy, or you can crumble them up and add them to another treat – like atop ice cream. Plus, Majik Cookies have more options than just your basic chocolate chip, like strawberries and cream. But our favorite is the white chocolate macadamia nut – which is best when dipped in a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

Magic Seltzers

Maybe staying in and munching on cannabis edibles isn’t your style this Halloween. Perhaps you’re a social butterfly and want to check out one of the notoriously awesome Halloween parties. While alcohol is usually the main star of such wild parties, we suggest substituting booze for a cannabis-infused beverage. Magic seltzers are a great option because they contain 50 mg of THC, which will keep you feeling good all night, and come in flavors like berry or lime.

Magic Number Soda

Suppose you have a higher tolerance or want to feel stronger effects this Halloween. In that case, there’s always your choice of Magic Number Sodas, which contain 100 mg of THC. Depending on your tolerance, one will be plenty to last you all night. Magic Number sodas come in many flavors, from classic cola to cherry vanilla or mandarin lime. They are also Oregon’s first canned cannabis beverage with 100% all-natural ingredients. The best thing about substituting alcohol for cannabis-infused drinks this Halloween is not having a hangover on November 1st. Instead, you’ll likely sleep better than ever and wake up refreshed.

Final Thoughts

Halloween is arguably the most fun holiday for people of all ages. But it can also be easy to get carried away, which is why we here at Greeley Gallery encourage you to have fun but be safe this Halloween. Make sure to know your tolerance for edibles and to stick within your limits. Otherwise, you may end up experiencing adverse effects, which could be amplified by the frightening nature of Halloween. For instance, walking through a haunted house is scary enough without additional anxiety from consuming too much THC. If you don’t know your tolerance, we recommend starting low and building slowly.

That said, we encourage you to let go of your adult stresses for one night and enjoy playing pretend and hanging out with friends or family. When used correctly, cannabis can amplify the excitement of Halloween and make it a night to remember. Stop into Greeley Gallery in north Portland, near the University of Portland, and take your pick of cannabis products any time before Halloween. We’re open every day of the week between 7am and 10pm. Have questions? Just ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’ll see you soon!

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