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Learn to Dab in 4 Simple Steps

Compared to smoking dried marijuana flower or vaping cannabis oil, dabbing may seem like an intimidating next level reserved for only the most serious cannabis consumers. Especially since dabbing involves the flash vaporization of dabs, or cannabis concentrates, at high temperatures. It’s done using a dab rig, e-rig, or dab pen, but this article will focus on the traditional dabbing method with a dab rig.

A dab rig is smaller than a bong and uses cannabis concentrates and a torch which is daunting for many. But we at Greeley Gallery promise that dabbing is actually so easy we can teach you how to do it in 4 simple steps. Once you get your technique down and work out the equipment, dabbing will come as naturally as brushing your teeth.

Things You’ll Need:

Since dabbing differs from using a bong or smoking a joint, you’ll need different equipment. Luckily, we have everything you need at our cannabis dispensary in north Portland. We’re always happy to help!

  • Cannabis Concentrate. This is what you’ll use in place of dried cannabis flower. We recommend shatter by Hush, but you can also use resin or wax. Remember, concentrates are more potent than dried flower, so just a tiny amount can provide an intense high.
  • Water Pipe/Dab Rig. A dab rig is a water pipe that cools the cannabis vapor before it enters your lungs, sort of like a bong does. It also looks like a bong, except it has a fitting for a nail instead of a bowl. Also, like bongs, dab rigs come in all shapes and sizes, but they are usually smaller than bongs and are rarely over a foot tall.
  • Nail. Titanium is commonly used, but any nail that fits the gauge of the water pipe will work. 
  • Torch. Rather than a typical lighter, you’ll need something with a little more oomph with higher heat to light your concentrates. Don’t worry, nothing big or scary. Just a small, handheld torch work great! Think of the ones used for crafts or crisping the top of crème brule.
  • Dabber. Dabs (concentrates) are sticky, so it’s helpful to use something small to scoop it out of its packaging and place it on your hot nail (without burning your fingers too.) You can use anything; even a bobby pin will work, as long as it’s not a material that will easily melt. A dabber made of glass, ceramic, or metal is preferable.

4 Simple Steps for Dabbing

  1. Heat Your Nail

First things first. Grab your handy-dandy torch and heat the end of your nail and light that baby up until it glows red. This burns off small particles and ensures you start with the hottest surface possible. Forgive us for stating the obvious, but please do NOT touch the nail while it’s hot. A trip to the emergency room isn’t ideal.

  • Put the Concentrate on the Surface of the Nail

Next, take your dabber and put your cannabis concentrate on the end of the nail. Rotate the dabber slowly to ensure you don’t waste any.

  • Inhale and Exhale

Remember, cannabis concentrate vaporizes a little slower than the combustion of cannabis flower, so take a deep breath and do a long and slow inhale as it evaporates. Hold your breath for a second or two, then exhale. You did it! Hurray!

  • Clean Your Nail

Lastly, clean off all the residue from your nail to help prevent any changes to its flavor. Wait for the nail to cool, then take a cotton swap and wipe the inside. If it’s really gunky, you can dip it in rubbing alcohol.

Easy – Peasy

Dabbing can be a smidge intimidating at first, but it becomes less so once you understand the process. As we mentioned in the intro, there are alternatives to using the method described above. You can also use an e-rig or e-nail. The main benefit is you can control the temperature to a precise degree, which you may find more convenient.

If you have any further questions about the equipment or process, please feel free to ask the staff at our local dispensary near University Park. It matters to us that you feel comfortable and excited about the process.

Final Thoughts

It might take a time or two to work out your ideal tolerance levels and feel comfortable with the dabbing process, but the more you do it, the easier it will become. Before you know it, dabbing will feel like second nature. After all, one of the best things about recreational marijuana is all the fun ways to experience it.

Here at Greeley Gallery, we have everything you need to experiment safely. Our staff at our cannabis dispensary are always happy to answer any questions you may have. We have strong relationships with our vendors, and you can trust that we’ll only offer the highest quality and Oregon-made cannabis products. We’re open seven days a week between 7am and 10 pm, and we hope to see you soon!

Written by: Katrina Paulson

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