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Get Stoned and Watch These Movies this Independence Day

Enjoying large firework displays and setting them off ourselves are a traditional part of celebrating Independence Day on July fourth. Unfortunately, the holiday falls smack in the middle of summer, which is increasingly becoming known as Wildfire Season. With the growing number of wildfires occurring, and considering fireworks cause thousands of fires and injuries a year, we at Greeley Gallery recommend forgoing firework displays.

Instead, why not enjoy our high-quality and locally produced cannabis products while watching some good ol’ American movies. We’re listing our favorite American films with options everyone will enjoy. If you have a projector, you could even invite your friends over and make an indoor or outdoor theater night out of it. Oh, and don’t forget to have plenty of snacks for when your munchies kick in.

Independence Day

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Considering July fourth is called Independence Day, it feels appropriate to begin our list with the 1996 blockbuster movie sharing the same name. Except while the actual holiday celebrates the creation of the United States Declaration of Independence from Britain draft by none other than Thomas Jefferson, in Independence Day the movie, actors Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum protect planet Earth from an alien invasion.

Despite being nearly 20 years old, Independence Day is a timeless classic we’ll continue to enjoy for years. The film is exciting and action-packed, with moments that will make you LOL for real, especially after vaping DropScience, which you can find exclusively at Greeley Gallery.

National Treasure

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Speaking of the Declaration of Independence, how great was Nicolas Cage when playing Benjamin Franklin Gates in the 2004 film National Treasure? Cage’s character, a cryptographer, American historian, and treasure hunter, decides to steal the Declaration of Independence from the National achieves both to protect it from bad guys and to find the clue hidden on it that could lead to a legendary treasure hidden by the freemasons, Knights Templar, and Founding Fathers.

We recommend cracking open a crisp Magic Seltzer to compliment the film during the warm summer evenings. The refreshing THC-infused beverage is perfect for sipping throughout the evening, and National Treasure will leave you with warm hearts and a good laugh.

Captain America – The First Avenger

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Who doesn’t love a good superhero movie? This one is sure to transport you to 1942 during the Second World War alongside Steve Rogers as he undergoes his desperate attempt to join the military, leading him to become none other than Marvel’s Captain America – The First Avenger.

Puffing some Orange Runtz sativa cannabis flower during the film is sure to help you feel like a superhero too. You might even have a Captain America or Marvel superhero movie marathon. In fact, that might just be the most brilliant idea ever.


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As fun and exciting as the previously mentioned movies are, it’s essential to acknowledge some of our more serious moments in history. Lincoln, directed and produced by Steven Spielberg, is a solemn yet powerful peek at life in America during 1865 when the American Civil War was winding down, and then-president Abraham Lincoln fought to ban slavery forever within the United States.

But first, pick up some ice cream from your local grocery store, and be sure to stop by Greeley Gallery’s north Portland cannabis dispensary for a package of locally made artisan Periodic Caramels. For a movie night like this, we recommend the purple Relax option.

Then, melt the caramel, drizzle it over your ice cream, and hit play! Soon you’ll be so engrossed multi-Academy and Golden Globe Award-winning films that you’ll feel as though you’re there.


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If you want a history lesson without the intensity invoked by Lincoln, then near globally acclaimed Broadway-turned-film musical Hamilton, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, might be the perfect option for you. It’s a musical unlike no other, telling the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s Founding Fathers, based on the 2004 biography about his role in building the United States government.

The music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda are captivating and teach the viewer history without them even noticing. The performance also shatters social norms by casting a non-white group of brilliant performers as the infamous founding fathers. We recommend sprinkling some Happy Hippy Bubble Hash atop your bong bowl and seeing for yourself how well Hamilton modernizes history in a way never before dreamed of and has raked in an impressive range of awards. You’ll be singing and dancing along in no time.

Final Thoughts

We know it’s hard to choose only one from the list. Then again, if you begin early enough, you might just be able to watch all the movies on our list. Or put it to a vote with your friends or family if you’re having a movie night. The good news is, there’s no wrong choice.

Regardless, we at Greeley Gallery hope you have a wonderful (and safe) Independence Day this year. We welcome you to take your pick of our wide range of locally produced and high-quality cannabis products any other day of the week between 7 am and 10 pm.

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