Celebrate Self Love This Valentine’s Day with Cannabis

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While Valentine’s Day is usually portrayed as a celebration of love between couples, here at Greeley Gallery, we celebrate all types of love on Valentine’s Day – including perhaps the most essential kind, self-love. These days, life is stressful and often overwhelming. It’s easy to fall into the habit of putting everything and everyone before yourself. All of which makes self-care even more important.

So, we suggest you take the day for yourself this Valentine’s Day, and indulge in your choice of high-quality cannabis products from Greeley Gallery to heighten your experiences. Cannabis offers a variety of ways to help you unload your stress for a few hours so you can focus on the most important thing of all – yourself.

Dance Like No One’s Watching

Music has the uncanny ability to influence our moods. Simply playing a certain song can transform a bad mood into a good one or calm us down if we’re agitated. Similarly, dancing does wonders for us. There’s nothing like letting your body groove to your favorite song. Dancing is a fantastic stress release that’s fun and encourages a positive mindset – and hey, the endorphin rush isn’t bad, either.

We recommend treating yourself to a new bong and a sativa cannabis strain, such as the energizing Lemon Ozium this Valentine’s Day. Put on your favorite tunes while you break in your unique glassware, then dance around your living room like no one’s watching – because guess what? They aren’t.

Take a Nap

After you’ve pulled out all your best dance moves and maybe even some of your not-so-great ones, what could possibly be better than a nap? Your body is worn, your energy is slowing, and collapsing into your cozy blankets is the perfect way to recuperate.

Besides, no doubt you’ve been missing sleep between your stress and your to-do list. So why not clock in some extra Zzzs while you have the chance? Sleep is crucial for our mental health and, really, our health in general.

Order Take Out

One of the best, perhaps the best, thing about weed is how fantastic food tastes when stoned. Not just some food either. All food tastes incredible. We know you’ve probably been trying to be “healthy.” Heck, maybe it’s even your New Year’s resolution. But sometimes, we all need a break from the “should do” mentality that dominates our day-to-day.

So, this Valentine’s Day, we at Greeley Gallery suggest chopping up any of the several delicious Majik cookies over your favorite ice cream. Order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant between bites, and bonus points to have it delivered. Don’t worry about eating your dessert first. This is your Valentine’s Day, and you can do what you want. Besides, by the time your food arrives, you should feel the effects of your Majik cookie, and you’ll be all set for your tastebuds to explode with flavor. Enjoy!

Read in the Bath

Now that you’ve rested after dancing your butt off and your stomach is full, reading while enjoying a bath is the perfect way to end your evening. If you’re like us, you likely watch a lot of tv during the week. How about saving the next episode for tomorrow and enjoying reading in a bath instead? Reading also relaxes your mind and takes your focus off your stress without making you feel like a zombie.

Books are treasures, but we can understand if you don’t want to start one. After all, Valentine’s Day is one day, which is hardly enough time to finish a novel. Besides, this is your day, so read what you want! There are many excellent short stories, essays, and articles out there that are the perfect length for bath-time reads. Just, please, don’t spend the whole time on social media.

For an extra boost, turn on your ceiling fan and puff on an indica joint for a relaxing high that will lead you to become lost in the story. We recommend the Wedding Crasher strain not only because it’s Valentine’s Day and we find the irony amusing but also because its mellowing effects are ideal for this experience.

Final Thoughts

You spend the whole year taking care of others. So, this Valentine’s Day, Greeley Gallery encourages you to care for yourself. We all deserve time to pamper ourselves from time to time. More than that, we need to. Like the quote by Emily Ley says, “You can’t draw water from an empty well.”

Stop by our recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary, Greeley Gallery, in north Portland to stock up on your self-care cannabis products. We’re open seven days a week between 7am and 10pm. Allow yourself a bit of luxury this Valentine’s Day. You deserve it.

Written by: Katrina Paulson

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