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5 Reasons Fall and Winter are the Seasons of Indica

The warmer weather we experienced well into October may have made it feel like summer was never ending this year. Yet, the shorter days are an unmistakable sign that winter is coming. It’s already dark by the time many of us clock out for the day, and it’s still dark when we wake the next morning.

Right now, the darkness is welcome and inspires us to snuggle under blankets with our bong and munchies while binging on the latest season of our favorite show. For this and many other reasons, indica is our favorite cannabis strains throughout the Fall and Winter seasons. Let us tell you our favorite five reasons why.

Cozy Up in the Dark

As we just mentioned. Nothing says long dark nights like snuggling up with your fuzziest blanket and favorite bong after a long day. The only way to improve it is by choosing a nice mellow indica to smoke, like Chem Delight. The only danger with this option is spending a little too much time partaking in this option and losing our motivation to do anything else, even refilling our snack bowl. But doesn’t everyone need a little downtime for their brain now again?

Physical Renewal

While we all need to shut our brains off sometimes, our bodies also deserve a break. As we’re sure you know, cannabis has a plethora of astounding health benefits, and new ones are constantly being discovered. Most of the benefits are internal when you consume cannabis via eating or smoking it. But your skin and muscles deserve love too, and a cannabis infused bath bomb or balm is a great way to treat them.


Not only are the nights longer, but it’s also near the end of the year, which makes it the perfect time to reflect on your year. Let New Year’s be about where you want to go in life, but now is the ideal time to reflect on where you’ve been. Gelato cake is perfect for reminiscing your favorite memories of the year, relationships you’ve made, and achievements big and small. Allow yourself 20 minutes to ponder the good times, or maybe you can do this during our next favorite activity.


Nothing is more calming than the crackling wood of a fire when it’s cold and dark outside, especially with loved ones and sipping a warm beverage. The only thing to improve it is a mellow indica that will surely enhance the dancing flames’ beauty. And, of course, you can’t forget the s’mores. However, we caution you to be careful, and please don’t attempt anything dangerous. Safety first!

Read an Actual Book

Remember books? They’re like television, except you read the story, and it plays in your mind instead of on a screen. There are books for every interest in every genre, and many are more thrilling than any video game or movie could give justice to. After all, there’s a reason “the book was better than the movie” is such a common complaint. So take a trip to Powell’s Books and choose from an overwhelming selection, then light up a pre-rolled joint and disappear into the story.

Final Thoughts

Long Spring and Summer days are special for sure, but there’s something nostalgic and magical about the long Fall and Winter nights. It’s a time of renewal, rest, and reflection, all of which are elevated by soothing Indicas.

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Written By Katrina Paulson

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