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Celebrate the 8th Month with 8 Fun Things to Do While High

Summer will always stir feelings of vacations, fun, and relaxation. As we get older, amongst the pressures and responsibilities in life, it can become a little more challenging to find time for simple joy.

Thankfully, cannabis is a fantastic way to ease your internal pressures and discover some of the simple pleasures in life. Since it’s August, the eighth month of the year, we here at Greeley Gallery thought we’d share our eight favorite activities to do while high when in need of a little childish pleasure.

1. Yoga

We can’t explain it but stretching while high is nothing short of magical. Attending a yoga class is a fantastic workout and allows you to reach a flow state while high that will enable you to move fluidly through the poses.

Though, if classes aren’t your thing, stretching at home feels just as refreshing. It’s fun to twist and turn your body (within your physical limits) until you feel loosey-goosy. Afterward, you’ll be surprised at how flexible your muscles feel, and even notice a boost in your range of motion. Begin with a simple sun salutation routine then make up your own moves from there.

2. Clean

This one may seem a little counter-intuitive, but a cannabis high makes just about anything better – including cleaning. Whether it’s laundry, vacuuming, or putting away any items left lying around, you’ll feel motivated throughout the process.

You may find yourself cleaning more than you intended! Just put on your favorite tunes, and your home will be clean before you know it. Is there anything better than a sense of accomplishment? Because that’s precisely what you can expect.

3. Visit the Art Museum

Being high opens your mind and increases your subjective experience – and Portland’s art museum, located downtown, is a beautiful place to wander around aimlessly. They host a rotating series of events along with plenty of exhibits you can visit again and again.

Find a bench and stare in wonder at the work of a masterpiece. What do you suppose the artist is trying to say? Is there any part of it that stands out to you? Perhaps you can imagine a story around the image. Being high at the art museum is a wonderful place to let your mind play.

4. Meditate

The benefits of meditation are known far and wide. While the instructions are simple – sit quietly and calm your mind – simple isn’t always easy. It can be challenging to quiet a busy mind, but it’s easier with the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Smoke a soothing indica strain and sink into your chair. Watch the flicker of a flame for a few minutes, and your thoughts will simply fall away as you become memorized. Sitting in this state for even just a few minutes can positively impact the rest of your day.

5. Play Video Games

Playing video games while stoned is practically an immersive experience. It may not be virtual reality, but it’ll almost feel like it is. Put on your favorite game and watch the hours pass like minutes. You may find you’re more intuitive in your playing, perhaps noticing clues or moves you never thought of before.

Everyone has their preference, but here at Greeley Gallery, our favorite game to play while high is a classic. As far as we’re concerned, Super Mario Brothers on Super Nintendo is hands down the best video game to play after a delicious Sativa edible.

6. Play on a Playground

Who says playgrounds are only for children? Adults can have just as much fun while swinging and slipping down slides! Let your fears go while smoking a pre-rolled joint and get in touch with your inner child.

Besides, we don’t know about you, but the playgrounds in the parks this day look far more fun than the ones we had growing up. In fact, after visiting our north Portland cannabis dispensary, head around the corner to Arbor Lodge Park. They have a fantastic new playground everyone can enjoy.

7. Creative Cooking

Cannabis is notorious for causing munchies. While stoned, it’s as if our stomachs become great black holes, ready to devour every chip, cookie, or cracker insight. Not only that, but everything somehow tastes more delicious than ever before. It’s like the food performs a happy dance on our tastebuds, and we never want it to end.

But have you ever cooked while high? It’s better than any pre-packaged food you’ll find. Similar to how cookies taste sweeter or chips feel crunchier when high, the flavors of a freshly cooked meal are also heightened.

Your ingredients in a salad may taste extra fresh while still providing a satisfying crunch. But if you’re familiar with cooking, you may find your creativity in the kitchen to be at an all-time high. Let loose while you mix and match ingredients to improve your favorite dishes!

8. Walk on the Sand

Warm sand between your toes is possibly one of the best sensations in the world, whether you’re high or not. But a cannabis high still manages to amplify the experience. Portland is ideally located within 90 minutes of the Oregon coast, but you don’t have to travel that far.

Sauvies Island is just 30 minutes from Greeley Gallery and has a nice long sandy beach along the Columbia River. While you’re there, stop by one of the farms to pick locally grown berries!

Final Thoughts

You know, there is a reason Greeley Gallery is a medicinal and recreational cannabis dispensary. It’s because while marijuana is powerfully healing, it’s also, well, fun. Cannabis opens our minds and helps us remember the simple joys in life, like swings and art.

No matter what activity you choose, your experience is important to us. This is why we provide only the highest quality and locally made products. Life gets hard sometimes, but that just makes it all the more important to enjoy the small things.


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