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Using the 3 M’s to Find Balance – Meditation, Mindfulness, and Marijuana

Mindfulness and meditation have been favorite topics of conversation for a while now. It’s been especially prevalent during the last year or two as the pandemic hit and societies around the world adjust to a new normal. The way we lived before is no longer an option for many, and more than a few people have found themselves reevaluating their life course.

Enter an increased interest in mindfulness. While the topic probably conjures images of incense and meditation, mindfulness goes well beyond fruit smoothies and complicated yoga poses. Although to be fair, meditation and yoga are both well-known practices to increase one’s awareness. Know what else helps achieve a mindful state? Marijuana.

What Does it Mean to Be Mindful?

Before we can achieve mindfulness, we need to know what it means. Greater Good Berkley describes explains mindfulness as,

“…maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens.”

In other words, being mindful is another term for being self-aware. It’s easy to lose track of the present moment when we’re always worried about the future or regretful about the past. Our lives are busy and chaotic, and it doesn’t leave a lot of room to pay attention to how we’re feeling or thinking. But it’s essential to do so. Otherwise, we live our lives reacting to life instead of participating in it.

Being mindful also has many health benefits that go beyond simply affecting our moods and helping us sleep better. Mindfulness also increases the density of grey matter in our brains which impacts our memory, emotions, empathy, and learning ability. It improves our focus and decision-making, helps fight depression, combats bias, and improves our sense of self, which boosts confidence. Really, the benefits are endless.

Integrating Weed

Marijuana and mindfulness go hand-in-hand because cannabis already tends to make us feel more introspective and creative. Some people feel as though their body molds to the couch, while cannabis helps quiet the mind for others.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, consuming marijuana heightens our sensory and time perception. Cannabis is also known to help people relax, gain insight, and go deeper spiritually—the same effects found during a powerful meditative session. So, it stands to reason that combining the two would only amplify the process.


When it comes to consumption styles, Greeley Gallery suggests either smoking dried cannabis flower or vaping. This is because the activation time is relatively quick, allowing you to feel the effects within minutes, but won’t last longer than an hour or two. Tinctures are also a good method for anyone who dislikes irritating their lungs. The activation time is often about the same as smoking. However, be aware that tinctures could take as long as an edible, so be sure to test beforehand.

Edibles are our least recommended method – unless you’re planning ahead, since they take up to two hours to kick in and last far longer than smoking. Remember, marijuana affects everyone differently, so it’s essential to stay within your tolerance.

Recommended Strains

Cannabis affects everyone a little differently, so it can be tricky to say for sure. For example, some people are prone to experiencing increased feelings of anxiety or paranoia, which works against their ability to relax. Sativa strains are known to boost energy which could exacerbate these feelings.

For this reason, Greeley Gallery recommends using Indica strains like Purple Hindu Kush for mindfulness purposes, which is known to promote feelings of peace and relaxation. After all, it’s much easier to passively view our thoughts like clouds passing when our bodies are calm and our minds at ease.

Then again, if you’re looking to quiet both the body and mind, then an indica leaning hybrid might be your best option. We recommend Watermelon Sherbet for a whole body and mind calm that’s like snuggling up in a cozy blanket.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a stressful couple of years for everyone. We’re in the middle of the holiday season, which is always a bit chaotic. Maintaining a sense of mindfulness can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. When turning off your mind or breathing through stress doesn’t work, cannabis can make it easier, and Greeley Gallery has the perfect strain for you. Just tell us about your experiences, and we’ll be happy to assist.

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