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Marijuana Turns Anyone into a Philosopher


Anyone who consumes marijuana has their own reasons for doing so. Some use it for medicinal reasons, such as calming their anxiety, helping them sleep, or easing aches and pains.

Others simply love the feeling of being high. They like the way it feels while working out, or how weed can spark creativity. And while we may not understand exactly how or why it happens, we all become philosophers inspired with all kinds of questions—too many questions!

We love a good question session here at Greeley Gallery. Visit our recreational (and medicinal) marijuana dispensary and pick up one of our edibles, beverages, or pre-rolled joints. Then wander into either University Park, or Arbor Lodge (we’re close to both) and see which questions enter your mind!

Below you’ll find some of our personal favorites! And stoned or not, some might still make you scratch your head.

Philosophical Question

Under the influence of our Chem Cookies indica, you’ll want to settle in, let your body relax, and your mind soar. Questions like one the ones below are used to inspire a rabbit hole of ponderings.

    • If life is unfair to everyone, then isn’t life technically being fair?
    • Why does being “up” for something mean the same as being “down” for something?
    • Are our memories a form of time travel?
    • Who looked at a cannabis plant and said, “I’m going to smoke that”?
    • Are multiple squid called a squad?
    • Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order?
    • Where does a thought go when you lose it?
    • Have you ever realized, there was a time when your parents put you down as a baby, but they never picked you up again? 

      Energetic Questions

      Perhaps you’d prefer to be more energetic with the sativa Hybrid of Island Sweet Skunk and Mexican. After consumption you’re sure to get excited about these questions!

    • Is the “s” or “c” silent in Scent?
    • When you clean your vacuum, do you become a vacuum cleaner?
    • How come limes aren’t called “greens” since oranges are orange?
    • Has saying “calm down” ever calmed anyone down?
    • Aren’t you technically a waiter, while you’re waiting on the waiter?
    • Why is a pizza box square, but the pizza is a circle, with triangle pieces?
    •  “Faded AF” is “Faded AF” backward
    • When clocks were invented, how did they know what time to set it for?
    • Do caterpillars know they’re going to turn into butterflies, or do they think they’re just curling up for a nap?

      Ridiculous Questions

      Or maybe, you’re ready to spiral in creativity with the help of hybrids Snowland or Gelato. They’ll make just about anything feel philosophical… even if it’s a dad joke.

    • Does a straw have one hole or two?
    • How can your body replicate what it feels like to fall from a high point, if you’ve never fallen like that before?
    • Is there a synonym for synonym?
    • When you feel bugs on you but there aren’t any, are they ghost bugs you’ve previously killed?
    • If two vegans are arguing, is it still called beef?
    • If I hit myself and it hurts, am I weak or strong?
    • Is a gingerbread man made of house, or is his house made of flesh?
    • How come your nose runs but your feet smell?

      Final Thoughts

      There are all kinds of activities that are fun to do while high. But sometimes, just sitting around with friends and letting your mind wander is all you need to get out of a funk or find new ideas and creative solutions!

      Greeley Gallery’s marijuana dispensary in north Portland is here for you no matter your preference. Our staff is always happy to help you find the perfect method or strain for you.

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