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Best Activities to do While Stoned and Alone

So, you have the day off, you’re alone, and you decided to get stoned. Now what? There’re so many options, it can be hard to choose. Especially if you’re already high.

Don’t worry, we got your back here at Greeley Gallery. Below you’ll find the best solo activities to partake in, you really can’t go wrong. We’ll even break them down to make it easier to choose! Whether you’re super stoned, or just riding a buzz, your day is about to get better. Ready to get started? Let’s go.

Flying High

Maybe you chose to partake in an edible, inhaled a massive bong hit, or are playing with your new dab rig and now you’re flying high! When you’re this high, we think the best things to do are also the things we wish we did more of on a regular basis.

Listen to Music

Choose what mood you want to feel and find a playlist that reflects it. We aren’t sure how, but for some reason music just sounds better while stoned. Almost like you’re transported to a new world. For an added experience, take a walk around your neighborhood while you listen. It feels like you have your own theme music.


Meditating sounds simple, but simple doesn’t always mean easy. Shutting your brain off is harder than it sounds sometimes. But it’s considerably easier while you’re high. It’s the perfect opportunity to observe your thoughts in silence. Not to mention cannabis plays with our sense of time, so meditating is like going on an adventure without ever leaving.

Watch a Movie

Sometimes, we just get too high to function. When this happens, we find watching a movie is the best option. It helps if you already have one in mind, otherwise you may feel overwhelmed by the options. Press play, and be transported, there’s nothing the human loves as much as a story.

Not Too High

If you’re not totally impaired, and only took a recreational dose, then there’s more options for you to choose from. In all honesty, most everything is more fun when you’re at this level. Even still, here’s some of our favorite things to do while functionally stoned.


Whether on a team or solo, exercising feel amazing while stoned. Mini golf, kite flying, kick ball, soccer, being high makes it all better! However, if you don’t want to fuss with rules then going for a jog or rolling out your yoga mat are awesome experiences too. Especially since cannabis will help you get “in the zone”.

Get Creative

What goes better with being stoned than letting your imagination play? Whether you decide to plan a garden, take up painting, or even writing a story, cannabis only adds to your experience. Weed helps our brains take in new perspectives and opens us up to ideas and problem solving while high. This means you might even notice that the art you create while stoned, is different than when you’re not. [Check out this post] (LINK TO Boost Creativity Through Microdosing cannabis) for more info about getting creative under the influence.


Whether you prefer a book or a blog, reading is awesome while high. Nonfiction and fiction alike, are enhanced. Granted, if you’re too stoned it can be a bit tricky to follow along, especially if you’re not already a regular reader. But the human mind loves a narrative and puffing on one of our pipes while doing so will only enhance your experience. You may become so absorbed you might forget you’re reading!

Final Thoughts

If you ask us, there’s not much that weed doesn’t improve, especially when it comes to creativity. We think one of the best ways to relieve stress is to get baked and let our mind free.

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