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Weed is the Winner of 2020

We’re coming to the end of 2020 this month. Can you believe it? I think we can all agree that this year is one for the history books. We’ll look back on the events over the last year and marvel at human ingenuity.

We’ve each fought to overcome our own battle individually as well as a community. We should all say cheers with a Greeley Gallery Magic Number soda pop in celebration. One of the greatest triumphs of all, the war on drugs is one step closer to ending. Hurray for five more states joining Oregon in legalizing marijuana.

Five More States Legalize Weed

If there’s one thing both red and blue can agree on, it’s that weed should be legal. Oregon legalized marijuana for medical purposes back in 1998, then for recreational use in 2014. Greeley Gallery and other Portland recreational dispensaries are happy to provide you with high quality options.

Now, Montana, New Jersey, Arizona, and South Dakota have joined us, and the ten other states, in seeing the benefits of our favorite drug.

Even Mississippi decided to join in by legalizing medical marijuana, which means only 14 states remain where cannabis is still considered illegal. (And 36 states in total that have legalized weed in some capacity.)

Oregon Leads

Our own home sweet home, Oregon, has long known the benefits that cannabis provides, and now it’s taken another step toward defying the War on Drugs. Possession of small amounts of drugs will no longer result in jail time.

From now on, anyone caught with drugs such as cocaine and heroin will have the choice to either pay a $100 fine or attend an addiction recovery center. The money gained by the state, thanks to this policy shift, is estimated to add up to around an additional $100 million a year in treating addiction.

We’re proud to have our pot shop in north Portland to help Oregonians with their medical marijuana or recreational needs. And to be a part of a diverse and beneficial industry.

Legalizing Federally

On an individual basis, states continue to show voters’ attitudes when it comes to marijuana. Unfortunately, federal politicians aren’t showing much interest in listening.

While bills continue to be blocked by Congress, it will become more difficult to ignore as more states continue to push forward. At this point, the topic of legalizing comes up often enough it’s considered routine now, and no longer a ridiculous suggestion.

As more states continue to jump on the bandwagon and see the value of cannabis dispensaries, it will become harder for federal legislation to deny the benefits.

Brings Everyone Together

Even though legalization of cannabis crawls along inch by inch on a federal level, the majority of Americans ban together to make changes one state at a time.

Regardless of geographic, political, or demographic lines, we almost all agree on weed. All in all, the Pew Research Center shows that over two-thirds of all American’s support legalizing marijuana.

We’ve been living in a divided country for years. How about we start focusing on what we have in common?

Final Thoughts

One look at the statistics and it’s easy to see – weed benefits us all. Granted, we might be a little biased here at Greeley Gallery in North Portland, but can you blame us? Whether for recreational or medical use, marijuana also brings us together. Whether you visit us in Arbor Lodge or not, we’re in this together.

Thankfully, we can all mostly agree that weed is pretty great. So, let’s smoke a joint together and think about what else we might be able to agree on.

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