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Couple Sells Medical Marijuana That Helps Dogs

dispensary in portlandSo far in the U.S. there has been twenty-three states, and the District of Columbia, that have legalized medical marijuana. And there are a lot of benefits of marijuana of this type, especially for people that suffer from a wide variety of illnesses. But humans are not the only living thing that can benefit from legal marijuana.

In a marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon three dogs have been experiencing health benefits associated with marijuana. This dispensary in Portland has been attributing this to the fact that they’ve been feeding the dogs marijuana-laced dog treats.

Roxy, a 14-year-old chow-corgi mix, suffered seizures a little while back, one of the series of illnesses that can be treated by the herbal drug. Grover, a 7-year-old German pointer, had separation anxieties, and for Peaugee, a 4-year-old pug, there was the issue of “general health.”

However, despite those issues, the dogs can be seen in a relatively happy and normal state, even if they’re a little bit on the lazy side. According to the owners, it’s because all of them are on CBD, the therapeutic drug found in cannabis.

The owners began the medicating process some two years ago, around when Roxy began having her seizures. The treatments appear to have near completely returned her to the state she was in before the illness.

“She hasn’t had a seizure since,” they said.

However, it wasn’t as easy as just giving the dogs cannabis and expecting it to work, they had to find the right dosage. And the newness of the drug didn’t make it easy.

“CBD was a new thing back then, so people were reluctant to recommend anything,” they owners said. “It wasn’t until we reached out to a vet in Washington that we found the right treatment, which had instant results.”

The success of the treatment led to the owners of the dogs to start selling marijuana dog treats for about $35 a box. The owners regularly see vets and animal medical professionals picking up on the trend, and do their best to offer dosage recommendations to others.

The story showcases that marijuana has more benefits than originally thought and that those benefits can cross over the boundaries of species.

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