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Get High and Relax Your Mind During These 3 Activities

These days there are a million things to plan for, worry about, and figure out. Stress is a part of life, but it shouldn’t take over our lives. A healthy life means finding a balance between knowing when to focus on your stress and when to set it down and let yourself rest. Of course, sometimes “setting down our stress” is easier said than done because our worries have a way of slithering in anyway to distract us.

Thankfully, cannabis is fantastic at muting our stress and making it easier for us to decompress. After all, you’ll likely overcome your problems when your mind is rested rather than risk making impulsive decisions from stress. So, if you need help shutting out the never-ending list of “should-dos,” allow us at Greeley Gallery to share our favorite activities that help us recharge and relax.

Watch the Clouds or Stars

We, humans, share a deeply ingrained connection with the sky. Our ancestors, lacking satellites and GPS, used the stars to navigate vast distances. They also created countless myths and legends inspired by the miraculous display of constellations and seeing the Milky Way hang above their heads. Meanwhile, cloud watching is a peaceful pastime shared throughout generations.

Clouds come in a variety of forms and can be quite the spectacle to behold – and even more so when enjoying a relaxing high from Pineapple hybrid cannabis flower. It’s perfect for smoking while lying on a blanket at a park and turning the clouds or stars above you into the world of imagination.

Do a Craft

Sometimes, we need an activity to focus on more than quiet reflection to beat our stress, which is why we suggest choosing a craft. The activity doesn’t matter as much as how completing it makes you feel. – whether playing with tie-dye, crafting a bat house to help our nocturnal friends, or tackling that upcycle project we’ve wanted to try but haven’t.

Engaging in crafts allows our imagination time to play rather than problem-solve. Studies repeatedly show that partaking in crafts, regardless of specific activities, decreases our cortisol levels, our primary stress hormone. Stop by and grab your favorite Delta 9 beverage to enjoy in the process and encourage your inner child to come out and play.

Go for a Walk

We’ve long known that spending time in nature is good for us in nearly every conceivable way. Fortunately, Portland, Oregon, is a fantastic city for nature lovers like us. Within a less than two-hour drive, we can reach the Pacific Ocean, the great Mt. Hood, and even the desserts of eastern Oregon. Not to mention one of the largest urban forests in the United States, with over 80 miles worth of trails, is practically smack in the middle of our beautiful city.

Our uplifting Lemon Meringue sativa cannabis flower is the perfect addition to a leisurely nature escape. Rather than setting forth with a specific destination in mind, we encourage you to take your time and enjoy the little things surrounding you. Let your mind focus on the sunlight streaming through the treetops or the coldness of the Pacific Ocean on your feet. You’ll feel like a whole new person afterward.

Final Thoughts

As a recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary, Greeley Gallery understands the importance of finding balance. The health benefits marijuana offers are vast and impressive, but sometimes, getting stoned and coloring is fun too. Similarly, we all carry responsibility and must make dozens of decisions daily, but sometimes we need to take a break.

When you’re ready to decompress your stress, we hope you’ll stop by Greeley Gallery near the University of Portland and choose your favorite cannabis product from our high-quality and locally made selection. We’re open seven days a week between 7 am and 10 pm.

Written By: Katrina Paulson

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