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3 Reasons to Celebrate Cannabis on 4/20

We here at Greeley Gallery think every day is a great day to consume cannabis. Of course, seeing as we’re a recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary, we’re also a bit biased. Still, there’s one day of the year when cannabis is celebrated – April twentieth, also known as 4/20.

The origin of marijuana’s holiday remains clouded in mystery, with many rumored possibilities. Though we’re just happy the holiday became what it is, regardless of how it got started, because we can think of several reasons cannabis deserves to be celebrated. So light a bowl, enjoy an edible, or crack open that THC-infused beverage, and we’ll share our favorite things about marijuana.

Health Benefits

We’ve written about the many health benefits cannabis provides us, but they’re worth repeating. Cannabis has consistently been shown to help reduce anxiety and depression and offer a better night’s sleep. Many people use cannabis to ease chronic pain, and it is well known for relieving nausea, especially for chemo patients.

Although the health benefits don’t stop with the relief you feel. Cannabis is also bursting with antioxidants and is even a neural protectant, meaning it protects your brain cells from damage. Not to mention that in addition to all of these fantastic health benefits, cannabis also makes us feel good.

It Feels Good

Not only does cannabis possess an ever-growing list of health benefits, but it feels good too. The psychoactive effects of cannabis can inspire your creativity, amplify your workout, or simply help you relax after a stressful day.

All you need to decide is the experience you want, then choose the cannabis strain to match. A Sativa strain like the Hippie Crippler is an excellent option if you’re after a mind-high or something to stimulate you. Though, if you’d rather curl up on the couch to binge your favorite show or just want to feel calm, then the Apple Fritter Indica strain might be perfect for you.


Choosing our favorite reasons to celebrate cannabis is nearly as tricky as deciding how to consume it, so we believe the sheer variety of cannabis options belongs on this list. There’s a cannabis option for every person and preference, then there are more options within each category.

Smoking cannabis is the most traditional method, with dried cannabis flower as the most popular option. Though many people prefer to vape cannabis concentrates as it often has less odor and is more discrete. While we’re on the topic, you can’t get more discrete when it comes to cannabis than edibles. Edibles don’t smell and come in everything from gummies, cookies, and chocolate to beverages and concentrates. All products come with options to either get high or not, too, which means there’s a cannabis product for everyone!

Final Thoughts

Greeley Gallery is proud to be a recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary because we value cannabis and all the wonderful benefit the plant provides. But we also appreciate you, our customers, so you can trust us to provide only the highest-quality and locally produced cannabis products at Greeley Gallery.

We’re conveniently open between 7am and 10pm daily, so you can come by whenever works best for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer questions or make recommendations. Stop by our dispensary in north Portland on the corner of Greeley and Rose Parks for your cannabis needs.

Written By Katrina Paulson

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