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Topical Cannabis Products

We at Greeley Gallery, our recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary in North Portland, pride ourselves on providing only the highest quality cannabis products. Whether your goal is to enjoy the psychoactive high from THC or the medicinal benefits of CBD, we have what you need.

Living in Oregon during the summer means we have many outdoor activities to enjoy, from swimming and kayaking to hiking and rock climbing. All of which can result in sore or aching muscles – especially if it’s been a while. The good news is, cannabis topical products are perfect for easing any soreness you may experience. If you aren’t already familiar with topical cannabis options, allow us to tell you all about them.

What are Cannabis Topicals?

As you know, cannabis is a magical plant with many uses, including countless medicinal benefits. Edibles or smoking cannabis are the two most popular consumption methods. Still, there is another way to reap the therapeutic perks cannabis has to offer.

Cannabis-infused lotions, salves, oils, and creams are all examples of topical cannabis since they are applied directly on the skin. After all, your skin is not only your largest organ, it’s your most absorbent. Since the topical product is used externally, the effects occur only in the area the applied, whereas eating or smoking cannabis affects the whole body.

Cannabis-infused topical products such as these are most often used to treat localized inflammation. However, research indicates some topical cannabis products have anti-itching effects. Many others ease menstrual pains, and migraines, along with several skin conditions such as psoriasis and dermatitis.

It should also be noted that topical cannabis products do not produce any psychoactive effects. They are used for medicinal purposes only. If you have bruises or your knee is sore after a run, you could nibble an edible, but the cannabis will enter your bloodstream and reach your entire body. Or you could rub a salve over the sore area and receive almost instant relief. This is especially beneficial when you’re on the go.

How Long Does It Last?

When it comes to the effects of cannabis, the consumption method makes all the difference. It only takes about fifteen minutes to feel the effects of cannabis when smoking and lasts about an hour. Whereas eating an edible can take two hours before you feel anything, but the effects can last several hours.

However, you can expect to feel immediate relief when it comes to topical cannabis products, lasting between one and four hours, and can be reapplied as needed. Since topical cannabis products don’t induce any psychoactive effects, there is no danger of using too much.

Topical Cannabis Options at Greeley Gallery

Greeley Gallery offers a fantastic variety of high-quality topical cannabis products made locally. We have personal relationships with all our vendors and make sure to choose the products with the most health benefits.

A few options you can expect to find at Greeley Gallery’s dispensary are Medicine Farm’s Dragon Blend Balm, High Desert Pure Extra Strength Lotion, and Nightingale Remedies CBD Cream. They are the best products to aid in pain relief and inflammation. In addition to the medicinal properties of cannabis, these products also contain various essential oils for added health and wellness purposes.

Final Thoughts

The high associated with cannabis is fantastic, to be sure, but there are countless other ways to enjoy the plant. Cannabis offers a diverse range of health benefits, of which we’re discovering more daily. Topical cannabis products are a fantastic natural way to take care of your body and provide relief for any aches or pains.

Greeley Gallery has options for home care or when you’re on the go. If you’re unsure which choice is right for you, feel free to ask any of our knowledgeable staff. We’d love to hear about your adventures and want to ensure you have what you need to enjoy your favorite summer activities. 


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